Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 27

"Bird City" Habitat Hangs In Unused City Spaces -- Boosting Urban Biodiversity -
Midland & Odessa to get less water this year, following water supplier's vote today…
The California renewables market is robust and competitive
How to make money from green taxes 
In Delhi, Leaders Call for Sustainable Action Today, Not Promises for Tomorrow
Ocean Energy set to plug into Cornwall's Wave Hub: business_green 1.5 MW OE Buoy becomes second...
UK’s Offshore Renewables Catapult aims to make a big splash: business_green Consortium appointed...
Hertz Announces Global Sustainability Strategy
Energy-saving program to assist area communities: Communities will set energy reduction goals over the next few ...
Inside the Killer App for Buildings & Energy Management
The Next Smart Sustainability Idea: A Net Positive Impact Business
Organic Valley Turns to Solar Windows, Green Power, Energy Savings
Great piece on how one of the world's most beloved new urban parks came to be. Can you steal any of their ideas...
What Can Landowners and Communities Do About Fracking?
New drought monitor out; 95% of TX still in drought, but % in worst drought stage fell from 27% to 23% -,S
If CSR cannot form the bedrock of ethical corp. behaviour, does it deserve to have ‘responsibility’ in its title?
Sustainability Natives
Killer whales denied 13th Amendment protection
Tidal forces could squeeze out planetary water
Romney Mixes up Solyndra and Keystone Pipeline at Campaign Rally
Are companies on the button with their online sustainability programmes?
How to Break the Grip of Fossil Fuels (Video)
The Untold Story: The Continuing Demise of the Construction Industry
SolarReserve constructs 540-foot solar power tower [photos, video]
Sustainability is the Moneyball of the Global Economy – Bloomberg
Hatcheries vs. Wild Salmon - NYTimes
Optimizing Solar Projects to Maximize Return on Investment (ROI): The solar industry is facing new realities as...
Renewable Energy Developer Completes $11 Million Fund Raise for National Portfolio
2012: A Breakthrough for Renewable Energy?
Experts say beef prices will likely rise for 2 years due to smallest cattle herd in 60 years…
It’s all about good business ethics, not a CSR smokescreen - - Letters
In 18 years it’s projected we’ll have 40% LESS water than we actually need -
Social Responsibility and a New World Order - AlertNet:

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