Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 25

California leads the way with its shark fin ban - helping to protect vulnerable shark populations across the world - http://vsb.li/5d42wm
Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale Geo-Engineering  http://bit.ly/wCYpfW
Park, Wildlife Agencies Opposed to Strip Mine Near Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park http://wapo.st/wRO8ip
Russian Drill Penetrates 14-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake http://bit.ly/w8Siz it has water with 50x oxygen in it.
Green power products: renewable electricity, on-site renewable generation & renewable energy certificates (RECs) http://bit.ly/mPcMvx
Who Still Likes the House Transport Bill? Big Oil, Big Truck, and Big Box Retail http://trib.al/6FWUoy
The North Pole is on thin ice http://bit.ly/zgvPEB
Report suggests an association between stain-resistant chemicals and ADHD in children 5-18.  http://bit.ly/zHK5VI
Top Green Contractors http://bit.ly/yr2kQV green projects boosting bottom line for construction cos. 
Clean Power Finance Moves Big Numbers Into PV With Vivint Solar Deal: Innovations in rooftop solar system - http://bit.ly/wKKtRB
The Bigger Picture Behind Apple's China Problem http://grn.bz/zw6Gkj
One of the greatest wonders of this planet is its capacity to generate heat - Geothermal Energy http://bit.ly/tME4vz
Global Compact Begins Web Platform to Mobilize Business for Rio+20 - http://shar.es/fwWkn 
Bankrupt Beacon Finds Buyer For Flywheel Energy Storage: Bankrupt flywheel company Beacon Power has found a bu...http://bit.ly/wOcjvK
Honey bee survival experiment in Yakima, WA, stirs up research http://bit.ly/wsZbkv
Houston Chron editorial: Balance natural gas export with domestic expansion - http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-Balance-natural-gas-export-with-3004457.php
Cree: LEDs aren't just more efficient, they're better http://cnet.co/zbp4x1
How the 'wind farms increase climate change' myth was born - The Guardian http://ow.ly/1hdK7W
Climate change denial’s new offensive – Salon http://ow.ly/1hdK81
Chevrolet Introduces Environmental Labeling on All Vehicles http://bit.ly/w1MbZC
On the blog: Grand Canyon will ban plastic water bottle sales at the park. http://bit.ly/yaafdR
Panel finds few adverse conditions that are directly attributable to wind turbines http://bit.ly/xXUCtZ
Are You Getting pressure to Build a Sustainability Program? http://ow.ly/8VPn8
Smart Businesses are performing traditional functions in new ways, incorporating new strategies & technologies related to sustainability.
 Dangerous Republican Keystone XL Pipeline Bill Approved in House Committee http://bit.ly/x2c68m
Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study said sustainability is necessary for competitiveness, up from 55 percent a year before.
Meteorologist Masters: “The Climate Has Shifted to a New State Capable of Delivering Rare & Unprecedented Weather...http://bit.ly/zlRSmw
That falling feeling: Shale gas estimates continue downward http://is.gd/5L4mIe
More on urban farming! http://fb.me/PTnPD3iJ
February 7 News: Global Wind Market Expands to 41 GW of Installations in 2011, Led by China -http://bit.ly/w1OJD0
94% of Americans refuse to use less toilet paper to save the environment, but 32% will read fewer books http://cnet.co/A23QH7 

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