Friday, July 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 50

China emerges as early-stage cleantech investor, not just manufacturer. R&D growing fast
Sweltering Temps Drive Record Peak Power Use: When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg held his regular radio...
Wind turbines that are homemade!  
A Really Rad Social Network To Bring Neighborhoods Together
Changing environmental governance in a changing world -
Aquion Energy takes plunge into bulk grid storage
Stat of the Week: Ten Cent Solar, Market Price Referents: Yesterday we reported that PG&E awarded 50 megawatts...
Where Will a U.S. Wind Farm First Get Into the Water? Cape Wind, the offshore wind farm famous for its 10-year...
If you don't want to be a vegetarian, what are the most climate friendly meats? Prepare for some surprises!
GE: Wind market hits rough patch, but rebound expected
The problem with "Hidden carbon emissions from trade offsets impacts of reforestation"
NSF funded grant shows reactions to #climate #change not linked to #literacy but rather worldview.
Today's eco term: BPAs. You know that they're bad for you, but do you know why?
Smart Growth's Conservation Imperative
Inside a green home on the ravine:
The Perk Imperative: Rewarding Employees is More than Just Nice… It’s Profitable
Merz Pharmaceuticals Commends The Benign Essential Blepharospasm Research Foundation On 30 Years
Who Is Making Money From Ethanol, Farmers Or Refiners? |
It Takes a Community To Raise a Wind Farm: While much has been made about the challenges that arise with large-...
Cloud computing can reduce business energy costs by $12.3B, says ATT, Verdantix study - 
A Case for Integrating Financial and Sustainability Reporting | Sustainable Plant:
Here are a couple of keys about how you can push your company to use sustainability as a key driver of innovation!
Coulomb to bring 150 EV charge stations to Boston area in $37M program. Based on all Priuses I see here, it could work
Community solar gardens are starting to bloom --
Koch And Exxon Pay To Write State Legislation Repealing Climate Change Laws green
Connected devices & sustainability at the MOMA | Reuters
Executives Have Eye on Sustainability, But Struggle to Act | Business |
Natural Power establishes global network of ZephIR Trusted Service Providers: Leading renewable energy consultant...
The 3 Challenges Facing Green Cleaners
How Congress Can Spur Building Efficiency for $4M a Year
3 Takeaways from the US Chamber's Sustainability Conference
Australian state sets limits on coal seam gas, fracking green
Inside the Real-World Impacts of Dirty Power Plants
Congressional committee votes down climate aid proposal
Adventures in Urban Food Foraging
Can Competition Drive Corporate “c-suites” Toward Better CSR?
Pearson Foundation Extends Multi-Year Commitment to Provide Regional and National Support for Na...
Automakers Hope to Make Money on Used EV Batteries
Climate will damage reefs at 'different rates'
3 Green Lessons from the US Chamber, American Air Bets Big on Greener Jets, and More... -
As web VC investing booms, cleantech slows --
Industry experts give their views on smart grid security in this 1st edition of GridTalk ezine
Inspiring article about a green energy entrepreneur: Entrepreneur powers his way to the top:
VINDICO Served 5 Billion Video Ads in Q2 '11, Estimated 40% Market Share: Video ad platform VINDICO posted a str...
Green Stock Experts, Part 2: Eight Great Values: Earlier this week, I published "Money Managers See Value in Cl...
A crucial first step to dealing with climate change is to charge people for the carbon they emit green
At GM, rapid 3D prototyping helps concept cars become reality faster
Race to the Moon Heats Up for Private Firms #environment
International Paper Reduced Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Last Year
Did you know you can now be served legal notices over Facebook? #socialmedia #Australia #law #legal

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