Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 27

Global Environmental Costs as Percent of GDP 2008, 2050:
International PV experts gather in Berlin on June 28 -29: What is the future for large scale solar plants in EuROPE...
Total secures SunPower stake in $1.3bn deal
Desso to sweep carpet recycling into London by 2012
IPCC asks scientists to assess geo-engineering climate solutions
Price data suggests green cars are continuing to prosper
Creating a Business Case for a Sustainable Future:
Scientists See More Deadly Weather, but Dispute the Cause  environment
Is the path to sustainability paved with carpet tiles?
Scotland warms to Renewable Heat Incentive
Update! 20 PowerPoint Slides That Shook the Earth:
Defra says 'let them eat Hake' with new green food policy
Dublin has reached the goal of 2million bike journeys (ahead of schedule). Go green transport!
Is #Thorium the low carbon energy source the world has been waiting for?
Solar generator splits water to make hydrogen
Solar Thermal + Geothermal = Energy Storage: STOCKHOLM --- It’s Christmas in July, as far as your hot water he...
Why CSR reports are a useful tool for greening your business, according to Ford Ford Announces Annual Sustainability Report- reduced water use sited:
How is climate change really taught in our schools?
Airlines hit back over ETS criticism
BusinessGreen builds a wind turbine
Eurostar signals end to carbon offsetting
Chimed Farms hosting Open House to showcase its new Solar Energy System:
Kraft Foods Foundation and Feeding America Roll Out 10 New 'Farmers-Market-On-Wheels': PRNewswire...

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