Friday, April 13, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 70

Hannes Bend’s ‘Eclipse’ Installation Opens Eyes to the Artificial Reef Catastrophe ~Inhabitat
Building or renovating? Support smart design, like this toilet/sink combo that uses grey water from the sink to flush.
In the Yard - Grow foods to replace supermarket food
Depressing videos show the human toll of fracking:
Have an old propane tank taking up space? Cut it in half and make a lamp! Make sure it is empty first.
Apps to Save Electricity, Money and the Environment very cool!
Social Media: A New Tactic for Corporate Sustainability?
Bringing Solar to the Masses: Community Shared Solar Gains Popularity Nationwide: There are a lot of Americans ...
Smart Grid - Power-short African countries turning to demandresponse:
Lease A Green Vehicle, Get Rebate Yourself--In CO, Anyway -
Obama orders oversight group on shale gas
Lack of Sound U.S. Policies Threatens Clean Energy Lead, Report Says
Vermont Senate Votes Against Citizens United, Corporate Personhood
Farms Use 60 Times More Land Than Cities: It's Time to Develop Terraculture -
Food & Water Watch Takes a Hard Look at Market Self-Regulation
Reality is outpacing our climate models. Compare this drought map to this model
Smart Grid -
Poop: the New Alternative Paper Source?
Green Blog: A New Oversight Panel on Fracking
A wake-up call for the herb plot - Telegraph
First Q&A on sustainability and communication published in Turkish -…
Ocean Acidification Linked With Larval Oyster Failure in Hatcheries - Science Daily

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