Monday, April 9, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 66

Saudi Arabia uses as much oil per person as America, largely to run power plants to run domestic air conditioners
Portion control can mean serious saving in weight!
Discovery's Schleiff: Planet Green Turning Red, White And Blue - Picture This | Blog on Multichannel News…
Not surprising: Cleantech VC investments drop in Q1
How the Media Dropped the Ball on the Solar Trust of America Story ~Inhabitat
Climate Change Linked to Waterborne Diseases in Inuit Communities - National Geographic
How Butterflies Adapt When Climate Changes -
Ocean's bonanza of marine life resources is also becoming a booming gene patents business for a ...
Scientists Find Radiation in Food Chain -
Scientists Prove that CO2 Emissions Drove Most Recent Ice Age ~Inhabitat
Inuit communities are seeing a spike in some types of waterborne illnesses brought on by extreme weather
Why the Climate Challenge Has Been So Intractable
Is Environmentally Conscious Behavior the New Norm? New Survey Says Yes
Asia Report: 200-MW Solar Project Planned in Japan: As Japan awaits the price structure that will be set in Jul...
International Clean Technology Venture Deals increase While Dollars Fall -
Greentech IPO Spring: BrightSource, Enphase, Enerkem, Luca Debut: Four greentech IPOs are seemingly going to m...
With ALEC Exposed, It's Time to Punish Politicians Who Let Corporations Write Laws
Ford is ready for the autonomous car. Are drivers?
Getting ready for SPE’s Earth Day Extravaganza, realized we shrunk 23% GHG facility emissions worldwide!
Walmart, Food Makers Launch Anti-Hunger Initiative: Walmart and four of the nation's largest food makers...
Oil, biofuel companies evolve into uneasy "frenemies"
Report: The clean power cash grant program was working
Growing biofuel will help to support Hawaii's local economy + lower their $7 billion a year oil dependency
New York City announces ‘Reinvent Green’ hackathon
National Solar Power Reaches Critical Milestone in Florida Solar Projects -
Commemorate Earth Day at Work
Natural Gas Is A Bridge To Nowhere Absent A Carbon Price AND Strong Standards To Reduce Methane Leakage

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