Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 65

Nuclear expert to talk on Japanese disaster - Tacoma News Tribune
South Africa fights surging rhino killings in remote Kruger
Stockholm+40 (1972-2012) important sustainability conference on April 23-24
Tips – Re-upholster used furniture instead of buying new
Organic farmer's easy approach grows bonds
Repair Is Green: Two Simple iPhone Repairs You Can Do at Home -
Japan’s Rapid Residential Solar Power Growth
How The Evolving Housing Market Will Help Sustainable Communities
Steve King’s War On Vegetarians: Brags Of Forcing ‘Anti-Meat Crowd’ To ‘Confess’ Their...
Solazyme and Bunge to open Oil Production Facility in Brazil |!daAkwrN
Japan’s Rapid Residential Solar Power Growth
Forest Service employee traps and tortures wolf, doesn’t get fired
Nest makes its smart thermostat, er, smarter
"Rapid deployment of low emission energy systems can do little 2 diminish climate impacts in 1st half of this century"
Latest from Philips LED -> Roled Opto Electronics Shanghai Co. Ltd. And Future Lighting Solutions Collaborate on Music and Light Performance. Latest from Philips LED -> Philips Lumileds brings new standards to mid-power LEDs for illumination.
Healthy Polar Bear Count Confounds Doomsayers - Canada Free Press
NRDC Report Reveals 29 States Unprepared for Growing Water Threats to Economy, Health - YAHOO!
What thawed the last ice age? - CNET News - Research suggests that -- contrary to some prior findings... Within a few hundred years sea levels in some places had r...
Natural Disasters Tied to Unnatural Causes -
Play Clean Taking Solar and Wind Out to the Ballgame : Greentech Media…
More CSR Waffle ?
Survey Shows people want to know more about Smart Appliances!daAkxx9
Will Modern (But Still Dry) Phoenix Outlast the pre-Historical Hohokam?
Arizona Senate Bill 1507 Aims to Prohibit the Rio Declaration and Ban Sustainability Initiatives State-Wide
Check it - the new NYC taxi is finally bike-friendly:
100 Years Ago: Loss of the Titanic April 1962 -
Tom Kunz fights to save a vital but misunderstood creature from extinction (from @OnEarthMag)
California charges forward with EVs
NRDC: NY among best prepared for climate change - Albany Times Union (blog)
Obama Administration And Five US States Sign Memorandum Promising Greater Collaboration Regarding Offs...
Clean coal nonsense: New industry ad claims ‘real environmental progress’
American LENR Technology could replace Coal in Power Plants in a Few Years
The Giant Sequoias Need Your Help - Activists are hoping the National Forest Service's management plan for the Giant...
A century of nature documentaries, from imperialism to "eco porn"
Green Job Moves: Carbon War Room, Serious, B&W, Nth Power, Switch Lighting: The ego has left the building Ji...
New USGS Report Links Fracking and Earthquakes
The average Asian consumer eats 150 kg of rice annually compared to the average European who eats 5 kg.
Earth's wobble led to CO2 release that ended last Ice Age -
Nearly 90% of Chinese 18-25 Year-Olds Want Brands to Cut Carbon Emissions
U.S. Global Warming Denial Will Help China Overtake America, Experts Warn

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