Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 43

Activist groups refuse Chevron oil spill settlement money - ksl.com ow.ly/1hN03G

Another anti-global-warming activist found using deceptive tactics - Chattanooga Times Free Press ow.ly/1hN03y

Climate change blamed for Tornadoes and linked to flu pandemics - HULIQ.com ow.ly/1hN03t

BP Begins To Put Oil Spill Behind It With Settlement - j.mp/AAlhTh

How a green cell revolution can raise millions out of poverty, promote clean energy, and help fix the climate j.mp/xStoD4

Research Shows 88% Prefer to Work for a Business that is Run Sustainably - ow.ly/9qL1N

Kitzhaber's new 10-year energy plan draft floats big green ideas to reactivate ... http://bit.ly/xxREcV

Will plants improve the air in your home? http://bit.ly/olU4z2

Japan’s nuclear disaster very far from wrapped up - Taipei Times http://ow.ly/1hMI8Q

Syria: Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest http://bit.ly/zwv2GK

Purchase an EnergyStar qualified television http://ow.ly/8Kksk

Limbaugh, Fox News, Tea Party Get What They Want With False Attacks on Chevy Volt: 1,300 GM Lay-Offs  http://bit.ly/wFB3gk

How mobile phones and renewable energy could transform rural India http://j.mp/yhQgI3

Graphene Battery Turns Ambient Heat Into Electric Current techre.vu/wZLIxy

Paying $5 per gallon gas this summer is "hardly far-fetched" j.mp/zdw4sC - NYTimes

Gordon Day, at IEVC, says one reason to move to EVs is to reduce carbon emissions. Transportation big impact area.bit.ly/qM5FiJ

Toyota Prius Hybrid Demand Rises As Gas Heads Toward $5/Gallon - http://hgm.me/x4I1xR

Green Blog: Striking Oil, Artistically, in Midtown http://bit.ly/yQYTAx

KYOCERA and SOFTBANK to Build 4.2MW Mega-Solar Project in Japan http://digg.com/!daALdVp

Don't buy seeds at the big box stores. Use non-GMO, heirloom seeds to preserve genetic diversity. Here are 4 sources: bit.ly/ABLAuu

Why Do Green Schools Matter? -- Part 1 | Sustainable Cities Collective fb.me/R3dKfZPX

Mapping Solar Grid Parity dlvr.it/1HLNwm

Target Bans Sandblasted Denim bit.ly/A6Cq8O

Invasive species of plants brought by scientists and tourists put Antarctic ecosystem at risk huff.to/zTODXv

City Of Palo Alto Approves New Photovoltaic Feed-In-Tariff Program: The Palo Alto, Calif., city council has approved... bit.ly/xfxEOl

New rules for TCO eco-label set standard for IT worker conditions grn.bz/xngiAE

IEEE IEVC continues into its third day!! electricvehicle.ieee.org

Where you can you make a difference? Tips for cleaning up our ocean and waterways vsb.li/v4QsS3

'Mountain Band-Aid' transforms strip-mined mountainside into a vertical eco village - bit.ly/yqXfb1

EXPOSED skeptic Lord Lawson's links to Europe's colossal coal polluter flpbd.it/BBcp9

Warming to Ignite the Carbon Bomb skepticalscience.com/news.php?n=1324

Lakota Indians Block Keystone XL Pipeline Trucks in Six-Hour Standoff - bit.ly/yvcLOo

CSPI Finds Carcinogens In Caramel-Colored Soft Drinks: The Center for Science in the Public Interest reports... bit.ly/z50gmL

LEED’s Artificial Barriers Continue to Fail Sustainable Forestry - shar.es/gDmgq

SMA Update: Painful 2012 Guidance, Agua Caliente News: Germany's SMA, the photovoltaic inverter market leader ... bit.ly/Ad7RY2

Saudi Arabia expects to find 100B barrels of oil - Yahoo Finance ow.ly/1hR8UV

New state bird guide highlights climate change risk - Abc Local Web ow.ly/1hR8UM

Plug + Play: A Solar-Powered EV Charging Station Shaped Like a Cooling Tower bit.ly/yUDGbA ~Inhabitat

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