Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 41

War on Coal: Why Polluting Plants Are Shutting Down Nationwide - Time
Climate change or not, weather hurt tech - Computerworld
Offshore wind co-ordination could save up to £3.5 billion - Fresh Business Thinking
Energy Efficient Lighting – Why This is a Must
Texas Farmer Takes On TransCanada
50 live bands, 25 dance acts, and room for 35 green vendors....GreenFest:
Organic farmers' case against Monsanto thrown out by judge Heartfelt Letter to the 270,000 Organic Farmers Who Lost Court Battle to Monsanto
Arlevagen is a Charming Low Energy Green Roofed Housing Development in Sweden ~Inhabitat
Why Green Corporations Should Think More Like Oil Companies
7 technologies: which way to Australia’s energy future? | SmartPlanet
Why Zipcar is tapping the college market
Baltimore could be offshore wind hub
Bring Out the Popcorn: Prominent Deniers Starting to Fight Amongst Themselves -
Kalamazoo River Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Spill
Myhrvold: 50 simple things won’t fix climate, but a few complex things might -
USDA Office of Inspector General Publishes Organic Milk Audit Report
85% of Americans Want Better Environmental Coverage. Let the Media Know.
What deforestation looks like up close -
Why green superfoods should never be packaged in plastic tubs=>…
The Next Big Conservation Tool? Pilotless Drones tech
Comcast Gets In the Energy Game: Comcast announced it has entered into an agreement with EcoFactor to create an...
Fighting tar sands battles far from D.C.
Smart Grid - Prepay surprise: Consumers like it, study shows -…
Just Label It GMO labeling campaign attracts record number of comments
On Algae Fuels, Energy Innovation and Obama’s Failed Climate Messaging
What we’re talking about today: 1.9 million jobs in water and green infrastructure:
Google Goggles Will Give You Terminator-Style Augmented Vision ~Inhabitat
NASA Finds Thickest Parts Of Arctic Ice Cap Melting Faster
Lesson from Apple: Why Investing in Poor Women is Good Business
Indonesia hosts Clean Power Asia as region embraces cleaner and renewable energy
LS Power Closes Financing For 127 MW Solar Project: LS Power has completed financing and authorized construction...
SunEdison's 30 MW Webberville Project Changes Hands: MetLife and Longsol Holdings US Inc., a private owner and o...
U.K. Could Save $5.6 Billion by Linking Offshore Wind Farms - Bloomberg
5 Pa. coal-fired power plants to close - CBS News
EPA Approves Hydrocarbon Refrigerants for Home Appliances
How green is Canada's military? Corporate Knights investigates
Since When Was Creating Jobs & Building Community Elitism? - Accusations of elitism against environmentalists are no...
An unethical trend: sandblasting jeans. You won't believe side- effects on workers and environment.
Target bans unethical trend.
Is This Really Eco-Friendly Fish Farming?
Present ocean acidification rates are unprecedented: research
Research shows Scandinavian conifers survived Ice Age

Obama: Right now, four billion of your tax dollars subsidize the oil industry every year. Four billion dollars. Anyone who tells you we can drill our way out of this problem doesn’t know what they’re talking about – or isn’t telling the truth. You can see on the chart behind me, since I took office, our dependence on foreign oil has gone down every year. Obama says using less oil is the "only solution" to the problem of high gas prices. That is a fact. POTUS on oil tax subsidies: “That’s outrageous. It’s inexcusable. And I’m asking Congress; eliminate this oil industry giveaway right away.” “I’m not gonna cede the wind or solar or battery industry to China or Germany.”—the President on his commitment to American clean energy.

Save Our Oceans Campaign: Sign the Online Petition to Create the World's Largest Marine Preserve -
Find out more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability
Algae damn: Obama’s failed message on climate and energy innovation
Innovation in Town-House Design will Strengthen Urban Neighborhoods
More Americans now believe in global warming
No-waste circular economy is good business - ask China -  - Don't throw out that broken toaster: it's our future!
Must-Watch Video On Unsafe American Nuclear Plants
Could vertical forests start growing in New York, Sao Paulo or other big cities across the globe?
Sitting Colorado Governor Flacks for Fracking in Ad for Oil & Gas Industry
Midwest Utilities to Shutter 10 Fossil Fuel-Powered Plants In Response to New Regulations ~Inhabitat
USGS: Fossil Fuel Emissions Found on Alaska’s Glaciers -
Proximity to surface water could be a necessary component to regulate fracking -
Science and the weather are convincing more people that a change is really happening - 
SWITCH75 Liquid LED Light Bulb Named Edison Award Finalist ~Inhabitat
Did you know that 20% of the meat that get's produced in the U.S. doesn't get eaten?
Revolutionary Sphelar Spherical Solar Cells Capture Sunlight From All Directions ~Inhabitat
Listen to interview with Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the IPCC, on climate denial, objectivity, & solar for the poor.
Railroads Carrying Less Coal: Proof of America's Energy Transition -
VC Investors and Entrepreneurs Speak on Energy Storage: Energy storage remains a missing piece of the modern...
New blog discusses 3G and LTE in China. Read it here: 

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