Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 22

The Best of Opportunity Green – Sustainability Goes Mainstream
Troubled Oceans at the Bottom of the World - Huffington Post
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Marine Life from Harmful Sonar - Lake Stevens Journal
Wall Street Journal Slammed for Giving Platform to Climate Change Deniers - Common Dreams
Building a better light bulb: Energy efficient organic LEDs
The geography of persistent unemployment contains some surprises
Rare photos of 'uncontacted tribe' reveal a disappearing society
5% of TX now not in drought! Congrats, North Texas! But 27% of state still in worst drought stage,S 
Denton City Council (TX) set to vote next week on gas drilling permit moratorium 
Bicycle And Pedestrian Commuting is Up, but House Transportation Bill Eliminates Funding
Chevy Volt sales take a hit. That safety probe probably didn't help
Forces affecting the solar market on triplepundit
Future is bleak for popular stimulus program, Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program
February 2 News: Ocean “Hotspots” Warming 2-3 times Faster Than Global Average Rate
House Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth On Fracking -
Reclaimed Wastewater for Drinking: Technology has Advanced, But Will People Get Over the Ick Factor?
Will clean power and microgrids be the future of data centers?
If Solar is Contagious, Can Utilities Help Spread the Bug?: You may have heard it before, but it is worth mentioning...
Executive Roundtable: The Future of Utility-Scale Renewables: Renewable energy in the United States is at a crossroad...
Video: Mitt Romney Sings ‘America the Beautiful.’ But Would His Energy Policy Keep America Beautiful?
Environmental Extremists Are An Asset to Our Movement - The green movement argues too much about what are realistic ...
Couldn't make the Clean Energy Connections panel Tuesday night? Watch the livestream on GTM. CleanNRGx
A case study of the tactics of climate change denial, in which I am the target - DISCOVER
NY, other states tell insurers to disclose climate change responses - Times Union
Kenya: Oil Spill Threatens Marine Life -
Atlantis sails down to Narec's new test bench: business_green Tidal energy developer will be
The House Transportation Bill Is No Jobs Bill (no matter what its proponents say)
The 2012 Who’s Who Of CSR: The Ethical Performance 2012 CSR Professional ...
Do you follow through with your green intentions?
SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) Distinctions for Bombardier: (Marketwire) - Following its fifth consecutive listing as an index component on both the Dow Jones Sustainability World and the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Indexes...
Smart-Grid Times is out! Top stories today
The New Agtivist: Adam Berman, faith-based urban farmer
Obama Admin. fast-tracks offshore wind power in Mid-Atlantic
Austin gets a super swank zero-energy suburb
Are Jellyfish Taking Over the World's Oceans? Scientists Cast Doubts
Green Blog: On Our Radar: A Glacier Thief?
U.S. Plans to Auction Leases for Offshore Wind Farms in 2012 - Bloomberg
Climate Change Okay for One Coral - Science Now
Storm over climate change among weather forecasters
Lamb has the biggest carbon footprint of all protein sources. But could it be more sustainable than we think?
Siemens, JCI Land $60M in Army Contracts for Green Power, Efficiency 

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