Monday, January 9, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 04

Putting the "O" in Cheerios and corporate responsibility. General Mills.
Why Are So Many People Immune to Change?
Invasive species are a national problem. And they're just getting worse.
How to Fight World Hunger with Plant Breeding by increasing food yields and lowering the cost of food
Use this light bulb energy savings calculator to save money:
Climate change is altering mountain vegetation at large scale - EurekAlert
Global warming caused by greenhouse gases delays natural patterns of glaciation - PhysOrg
Study on solar energy solar
Talk about sustainability...“OrganicTrade: We've hit 500,000 comments on a petition telling FDA to label GMOs!
Seals and Walruses Found Dead in Alaska with Mysterious Sores and Hair Loss: Scientists Baffled
CES 2012: Our Hopes and Frustrations for Green In Consumer Electronics -
Green Your Home Sunday - Great Tips of how to Prepare your Home for Winter
In 2011, there were at least 2941 monthly weather records broken by extreme events across the U.S.
Tough 12 months ahead for the electricvehicle industry
Obama administration considers trade retaliation with EU over airline emissions tax -
Wind power hits record levels over New Year period: business_green Industry welcomes news that ...
Latest: Saving the Planet Easier Than You Think - The level of pollution on the planet is raising annually. Green...
Volkswagen E-Bugster Electric Concept: Detroit Auto Show -
Amazing video of 30 story prefab bldg finished in 15 days. This changes everything in construction.
Smart Meters Endure Bumpy Road To Growth
Not all Republicans deny climate change is real. These guys give us hope.
Climate change getting expensive says the insurance industry (the folks we ask to analyze risk in our economy) -
Can Electric Cars Win Over Consumers in 2012?
Advice for MBAs Aspiring to Be Sustainability Leaders |
Talking Urbanism Amid a Shortfall of Snow | Sustainable Cities Collective
Why California Must Focus on Rail & Transit | Sustainable Cities Collective
Breaking New Ground | Sustainable Cities Collective
Flatland: Will the Bangalore Boom Help or Hinder Low-Carbon Innovation in India?
Good news. The Interior Dept. is planning to announce a 20-year moratorium on new uranium mining in the Grand Canyon!
Allure Energy Intros New EverSense Home Thermostat System:
Educating customers key to smart grid's success, Leesburg says…
Global Market for Solar to Top $150 Billion by 2015
In 2008, the US spent less on energy R&D as a percentage of GDP than China, France, Japan and Canada.
Connecting the Dots Between Oil Prices, Iran & China, the Strait of Hormuz, and U.S. Electric Cars
After a Bad Year for Rhinos Worldwide, Nepal Finds Cause for Celebration
Asia Report: SolarWorld Plans to File European Complaint: After months of speculation, it now appears that German...
Renewable energy projects in California go unused…
Deployment of Smart Water Meters to Reach 30 Million by 2017
Germany Installed More Than 2 GW of Solar in December: The U.S. installed about 1.7 gigawatts of photovoltaic ...
Rick Santorum: climate change is "junk science"
The latest to target the smart energy home: Time Warner Cable
Monsanto won’t have to clean up dioxin in West Virginia:
Cleantech Venture Investments Grew 13% in 2011, With Solar Leading the Way
Exposing Monsanto’s Financial Interest in Government
In Oklahoma, a Utility's Smart Grid Leads the Way
After the closure of the biggest waste dump, there is little sign of Mexico City solving its rubbish crisis -
All cell phones sold through Sprint must go through the certification process for the UL-ISR 110 standard,...
Illinois Program Will Educate Students on Wind Power: A program designed to incorporate wind energy topics into...
A new ice age could well have been upon us in the next millennium were it not for increases in CO2 due to humans
Francesca Furzi – Going from Gold to Green with CurrentState Sustainability Audit
Coutu Slams Two Storm Panel for Climate Change Comments - Hartford Courant
Puget Sound, Under Threat From Ocean Acidification, Put on Waters of Concern List - Common Dream...
Chemical measurements confirm official estimate of 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill rate - PhysOrg
Birds and seals give scientists clues to rising levels of toxic mercury in Southern Ocean - The Age
India could soon move forward on smart grid projects
Why U.S. doctors are calling for a moratorium on gas fracking. Story in Energy
U.S. News - Ban on new mining near Grand Canyon finalized
One Laptop Per Child project looks to off-grid clean power
China Dips Toe A Bit Further Into Offshore Wind - Salon
2010 Gulf of Mexico undersea oil spill plumes doubled back - USA Today
How a composting toilet can help save a hippo. (No, they don't have to actually use it.)
Ford to Recycle 2 Million Plastic Bottles Into Fabric for Its Focus Electric ~Inhabitat
How the Netherlands Got Such Great Bike Paths
Nigeria's oil disasters and constant spills are met by silence from world media
Virginia military department refuels energy-efficiency offensive
Where's the snow? December was the 11th least snow cover in the US in the past 46 years:
On Our Radar: Arctic Oil Discovery
“Radical groups” spur Tories to speed pipeline review process - The Globe and Mail 

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