Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 02

JLL's Staff of Certified Sustainability Pros Grows to Nearly 1,100
Kenya's Lake Turkana Wind project receives approval after delays
Top-selling EV Nissan Leaf: less than 10,000 units sold in U.S.
NuClic Founder David Kim Shares His Green Flooring Tips with Inhabitat
Global warming killing seal pups: scientists - The Vancouver Sun
Drilling dangers fade as an issue for candidates - News-Press
Bonga Spill - Senate Committee Satisfied With Clean up -
Evans Head to fight erosion - Lismore Northern Star
Rust Belt Cities: to Avoid Demographic Loss, Protect & Strengthen the Core by NRDC -
Another Use for The Street | Sustainable Cities Collective
Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater
The Future of Food ~
FDA Takes a Baby Step on Factory Farm Antibiotics – Long overdue.
CSR - Valley gets millions from HUD to battle homelessness - Updates -
Lowe’s kicks off smart energy home push
Bottom-Up Innovations that Change How IT Does Sustainability
Oil industry begins push for Keystone pipeline -
A Youngster's Bright Idea Is Something New Under the Sun / A fascinating tale of solar and human-ness
40% of consumers are “extremely” interested in purchasing Electric Vehicles -
Onyx develops 330-watt "plug-n-play" solar panel with built-in AC outlet
Tendril Unveils Developer Website for Smart Grid Apps
Critical List: Patagonia becomes a Benefit Corporation; oil industry threatens Obama
Big Oil’s “Vote 4 Energy” PR Blitz Funded by American Families
Harris Corporation Wins Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award Harris Corporation’s Broadcast (
Green schools gaining steam
Green Blog: A Short Childhood for Seal Pups on Thin Ice
Embedding Sustainability into the culture of municipal organizations [free toolkit]
AlertMe breaks into US with Lowe's deal: business_green UK firm's technology will form part of ...
A philosopher suggests we create "Super Juries" to veto current legislation that threatens future generations.
China Partners With Better Place On Electric Vehicle Center
Cropland in the US is being eroded at least 10x faster than the rate at which it can be replaced, naturally.
Delta, Lufthansa to pass EU's carbon costs on to customers no surprise there
Here's an interesting article about the market for energy efficiency upgrades, citing our Kat Daniel.
Pop goes the Aussie carbon bubble: business_green
Big Oil threatens Barack Obama with 'Huge Political Consequences' if he doesn't approve KeystoneXL
Russian river water unexpected culprit behind Arctic freshening
Canada is finally out of the asbestos business, no thanks to the government
Environmentalist Kevin Washbrook likes BC Hydro smartmeter:
What Is The Political Risk Of The ExxonMobil-Rosneft Deal In The Arctic? - Forbes
Lost World Sea Creatures Uncovered Near Antarctic Hydrothermal Vents (VIDEO) - Christian Post
Dutch on Flood Watch as Storms Hit Flights, Shipping, Farmland - Businessweek
The 2011 Climate B.S.* of the Year Awards – Forbes
How EnerNOC is Evolving Smart Grids and Building Energy Management
Smart Grid - GE Smart Grid solutions underline the growing move to cloud computing…
GLOBE-Net: The Outlook for Renewable Energy sustainability business
West Virginia Energy Outlook 2012: Identifying Synergies Between Renewables ...
Insurance for Crossing the Valley of Death: To achieve a modest reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions...
GTM’s Research Analysts on the US Solar Market: "Consolidation is a nice word that hides a lot of ugly things."
New technology removes air pollutants, may reduce energy use in animal agricultural facilities
Record ozone hole triggers worries.
UK railways: All aboard the unaffordable express!
Seals struggle with climate change - Presstv - A new research has warned that warming of oceans and i...
Climate Change and the Trillion-Dollar Disruption - Forbes
New materials remove carbon dioxide from smokestacks, tailpipes and even the air
EVolo Skyscrapers – A Reference Manual on the Future of Architecture? ~Inhabitat
And the US will look like this again: If they win, GOP plans to cripple EPA -

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