Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 155

New Hampshire Scientists to 2012 Election Candidates: Evidence of climate change is "overwhelming" bit.ly/vs4pYy
Study: Bad weather makes voters more liberal http://bit.ly/sxMCbk
Gingrich scraps planned book chapter on climate change http://bit.ly/vRfuHU
The New Energy Economy http://su.pr/2ZbYtH
3 Lessons on Fulfilling on a Green Brand Promise http://bit.ly/sZ3Oyd
2012: First trade war over climate change http://smrt.io/tDEQq6
Organic farming creates economic alternatives - http://bit.ly/vOUNCE
Top 6 U.S. climate-policy happenings of 2011 http://bit.ly/ruXpOM
Offshore drilling is cramped, dangerous kind of livelihood - Nashville Tennessean http://ow.ly/1gsWlJ
Business risks and climate change: New iteration - Global Nation http://ow.ly/1gsWlC
In 2012, I will: COMPOST More http://bit.ly/tVS8Oe
Going Green: When Health Doesn’t Mean Sustainability http://su.pr/1q0kLj
Right-size your washing machine - http://ow.ly/8di3o
Traidcraft helping African farmers cope with climate change - Journal Live http://ow.ly/1gsQY8
Solar Attic Fan takes Best Green Product of 2011 http://shar.es/W7ZNM
South African Farmers See Threat From Fracking  http://nyti.ms/tB8cm4
Renewed oil and gas exploration has been approved for the Atlantic, much to the Ocean's dismay. bit.ly/uNgcg3
The Puzzle of Rising Methane ow.ly/8fp8u 
Top Posts of 2011 - Definition of a Environmentally Friendly Home? shar.es/WvnRJ
Top Posts of 2011 - Procter & Gamble advocates Green Supply Chain with Scorecard shar.es/WtBDC
12 smart grid startups to watch in 2012 ow.ly/1guDF1
Installing new energy-efficient lightbulbs this year? Take a look at NRDC’s guide before you shop! bit.ly/unTLbL
Gingrich scraps planned book chapter on climate change bit.ly/vRfuHU
Smart Grid - Mexican utility CFE conducting smart grid project with FreeWave, Elster: Mexican electric power utility company ... bit.ly/tF5CUM
New Hampshire Scientists Urge GOP Presidential Hopefuls to Recognize “Overwhelming Evidence” of Climate Change bit.ly/uueFSn
After Three Decades, Tax Credit for Ethanol Expires nytimes.com/2012/01/02/bus…
Geo-physicist Tries to Recreate an Ice Age Ecosystem in Siberia to Prevent the Release of 500 Billion Tons of.. http://bit.ly/tFk3sJ
5 interesting big picture sustainability trends to look out for in 2012: bit.ly/sc7R6F
The new year looks promising for sustainable business gu.com/p/34dyh/tw
Helping Intrapreneurs Break Free Of The Sustainability “Ghetto” is.gd/YprSsA
Huge amounts of food are being wasted due to less-than-perfect looks. j.mp/v2lq2s
Successes and Shortcomings in 2011, What's Ahead for 2012, The Battle of Plastic Bag Bans, & More... - eepurl.com/h2Dho
Clavuot’s Swiss Eco Bakery is the First to Achieve the MINERGIE Green Building Rating bit.ly/ssNb2l
Interesting development yesterday as China's LDK Solar moves to acquire Germany's Sunways - sign of things to come? businessgreen.com/bg/news/213486…
5 Tips for a Greener Closet in 2012 gogreenamericatv.com/5-tips-for-a-g…
January 3 News: Expert Links Oil and Gas Wastewater Well With Series of Ohio Earthquakes bit.ly/tss9gI
22 Fabulous Green Prefabs of 2011: jgrn.co/sFgAnd
Clean Energy Expert Tam Hunt: Rapid Clean Energy Growth Inevitable bit.ly/sCAcyq
Solar feed-in tariff confusion continues as DECC prepares appeal: business_green Industry remains. bit.ly/uncFlc
Iraq Kew flora project revived after 25 years on hold bbc.in/u1nhjt
Farming Practices Threaten Corn Crop – TIME - ow.ly/8gmsp
U.S. army base responds to federal energy-efficiency imperative smrt.io/t3hukA
Is Thorium The Key To Safe Nuclear Power? http://su.pr/16LD20
Smart Grid - What's the smart energy outlook for 2012? http://bit.ly/sogdAZ
TreeHugger at CES 2012: Our Hopes and Frustrations for Green In Consumer Electronics http://bit.ly/ulnWdE
Government Scientists More Efficient at Splitting Hydrogen ~ http://bit.ly/vLu9GK
12 Energy Projects to Watch in 2012. http://onforb.es/w1Lnve
Smart Grid - 100 Million Meters Coming to Europe by 2016: Smart grid projects are moving swiftly across Europe to meet the ... http://bit.ly/vwSwfS
These 32 extreme weather disasters each did over $1 billion in damage in 2011 http://bit.ly/t3HPfK
Top 10 Most Popular Energy Savers Web Pages of 2011 http://bit.ly/vsxxDO
BP demands Halliburton covers Gulf oil spill costs: business_green Oil giant launches fresh leg... http://bit.ly/uygeGU
Chasing the Elusive Energy Policy http://techre.vu/uGPzVS
Keystone engineer: Whenever my former employer had to choose between safety and saving money, they chose to save money bit.ly/rvud9Y
NewsHour - great video recap of extreme weather in 2011 and how it relates to climate change bit.ly/rtG2Tn
5 Mega-Trends driving a Trillion $ sustainability economy in 2012. Worth a read - ow.ly/8gLKK
What does the court decision blocking new EPA coal plant rules mean to the smart grid? smartgridnews.com/artman/publish…
Sugar for oil: Renmatix lands BASF as investor cnet.co/tZfuCY BASF Funds Sugar-from-Wood Startup http://techre.vu/yQwWu5
Getting Renewables on the Grid, Part 4: Why PV and the Grid Need CSP: Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology... bit.ly/skLCvA
Climate Change, Migration and Conflict: Addressing Complex Crisis Scenarios in the 21st Century bit.ly/t9MJSn
If you're going to cook seafood tonight, go sustainable to protect the ocean and your health - RECIPES vsb.li/XADGEw
The Organic Essential Shopping Guide + Easy Green & Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips for 2012 featuring SaraSnow bit.ly/vNq7fq
VIDEO: Solar Powered Electric Chariot Robot Brings Ancient Rome and Green Technology Together http://bit.ly/zwS608 ~Inhabitat
A LEED-Platinum monastery - who would have thought? Once upon a time in Middleton, WI... http://bit.ly/w0PiQ0
Chevron Fraud Scandal In Ecuador Implicates Rice University Professor: A prominent environmental... http://bit.ly/xhZt3r
Nigerian officials have suspended fishing following the area's worst oil spill in over a decade. http://bit.ly/yUORGl
Facing the Hangover: How Much Did We Throw Out Over the Holidays?: Is it true that we throw away 25% more stuff ... http://bit.ly/xf04IM
2011 Climate change got even less media coverage than last year http://bit.ly/zi5oMJ
Regulators clear Duke Energy to close Indiana coal units - The Business Journal http://ow.ly/1gw2yA
Citizen scientists' climate-impact survey wraps up - http://Nature.com http://ow.ly/1gw2yF
Chinese Court Accepts $78M Oil Spill-Related Lawsuit against ConocoPhillips - International Business Times http://ow.ly/1gw2yT
You Write: "I want to help stop the N. Gateway tarsands pipeline before it leads to an oilspill." bit.ly/uVtb5B NRDC says: Thank you!
Choosing Eco Friendly Paper bit.ly/rcyPdq

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