Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 145

Facebook Unfriends Coal, Partners with Greenpeace for Clean Energy Future
How a startup is cracking the Indian solar market
Were you watching the international climate change conference in Durban these past few weeks? We
Can we afford eco-cities? - CNN - Robinson was one of four leading climate change thinkers
Climate change drops off 'hot topic' list - New Scientist
Lack of private, federal support drying up for offshore windfarms - Atlantic City Press
First offshore tracts leased since oil spill - Post-Crescent
Car-sharing Services Take Off in the
Business leaders call on EU to protect the carbon price: business_green Letter to Commission ar...
The one on the trees in Costa Rica
Leading the Horses to Slaughter
Can we predict the future of the Smart Grid?
Another Loophole for the Oil and Gas Industry in the Clean Railroads Act
Spiky Sustainably-Designed Ecology Pavilion Sprouts in East London ~Inhabitat
Climate goals seen lifting energy bills 10 percent - Reuters UK
GE and Trane team up to manage data centre energy use: business_green Partnership delivers new
Carbon capture and storage gets a clean bill of health
Sun rising for renewables: U.S. Solar Grows 140% in Third Quarter, Led by Utility Projects - Bloomberg //
In brief: Deutsche Telekom to combine IT operations to save money: German telco's board expected to approve
The world will establish a technology center and network to help developing nations access & embrace the latest low-carbon tech. #COP17
The 100% electric-powered, zero-CO2 emissions Ford Focus Electric is progressive to its core
Solar energy project headed to New Bern
BP reacts to gulf oil spill report - United Press International
Climate change threatens to make polar bears dangerous; action needed:scientist - Winnipeg Free Press
How will climate change affect rainfall? - The Guardian
Air pollution in Europe in 2009 cost between 102 - 169 billion Euros, new report finds
Kraft releases sustainability report | FOOD Magazine In a world first, American food company Kraft has made its footprint on climate change, land and water use
Sustainability minor to launch next semester - News - The Diamondback - University of Maryland:…
NASA: Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes - PhysOrg
Bird advocates urge mandatory standards for wind energy projects…
Facebook, Greenpeace Settle Clean Energy Feud After Two-Year Campaign
NanoH20 raising $30M for clean water tech
As Texas waits, water plan costs rise…
Green Blog: Madagascar's Lemurs, Sacred No More
How to create a local banking system - different views collected by theneweconomics
Tiny solar cell dots in Semprius solar concentrating operate at 41% efficiency - cool printing technique
IKEA Plugs-in 4 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Emeryville, CA: IKEA, the world’s leading ...
Lead US Climate Envoy back from Durban, declares himself to be "pretty well satisfied" with the outcome.
December 15 News: China Scales Up Solar Power Capacity Plan 50% to 15 GW by 2015, Keeps Wind Target at 100 GW
Radical Nature: Sustainable Architecture
Thorium Nuclear Reactors - Why "Safe" nuclear will rely on rare earth mineral production -
Canada pulling out of the Kyoto Treaty gets the bizarre Taiwanese animated news treatment.
Award-Winning Solar-Powered Casa Locarno in Switzerland Stores Energy in its Basement
Ten facts why GMOs are bad=>
Hybrid and Plug-In Electric Cars to Exceed 5% of U.S. Market by 2017 -
The Coca-Cola Company Announces Partnerships to Develop Commercial Solutions for Plastic Bottles...
Eco-Friendly Holiday Jewels…
Global Green: Water Saving Strategies…
Ahhh! This creative, but haunting short film portrays energy waste as a killer blob. Quick! Turn off the lights!
Fears for lives of whales trapped in icy Russian waters #green
First Solar will Achieve 2011 Net Sales of at Least $2.8 Billion
Judicial review of solar subsidy cuts to go ahead after High Court U-turn: business_green Solar...
Architecture & Violence | Sustainable Cities Collective
House GOP Spending Bill Laden with Special-Interest, Anti-Environmental Riders
Arctic methane turns out to be a huge problem after all
The Climate Change Committee's suspiciously opaque report -
Climate change could make for dangerous bears -
United States: California Court Rules That An EIR Need Not Evaluate The Impact Of Sea Level Rise On A ...
Coca-Cola taps biotech firms to scale PlantBottle production
Plastic bait strips now banned 'on sea' to protect marine life - PhysOrg
EON Invests $9 Billion in Renewables as Germany Drops Nuclear - BusinessWeek
Traffic increases in direct proportion to highway space, an analysis finds:
Getting 33 Percent Renewables on the Grid, Part 3: The California transmission system operator is deftly managing...
The 2.65 billion Christmas cards sold each year could fill a football field 10 stories high.
It's not a fluke! These fish are back on the menu as a sustainable fish choice:
How You Can Reduce Auto Emissions
Mascoma, Codexis Closing in on Commercialized Cellulosic Biofuels: Are advanced biofuels nearing the big time?
The Endangered Giant Panda
Another Difficult Quarter For PV Inverter Market, But Prices Stabilizing: The PV inverter market declined once a...
GreenVolts Introduces Integrated Solar System, Receives Investment From ABB: GreenVolts Inc. has unveiled an int...
Environmental panel wants DuPage to join national climate change effort - Chicago Sun-Times
Prosecute Climategate? - Daily Mail - Charleston (blog)
Filing Requirements for Arctic Offshore Drilling Respond to Northern Input - CNW Group
Private, federal support drying up for offshore windfarms - Atlantic City Press
Melting Glaciers Reveal Future Alpine World - Environmental News Network
Frito-Lay Electric Vehicles Hit the “Green” Streets -
The Mutual Launches as ‘Groupon for Good’ with as “Air” Cause Par..
Getting everyone on board with your company's sustainability efforts is the single most important factor for its...
Clean air is better for our health & economy! Check out the twitter event
Kraft's Full Eco-Footprint Shows Agriculture's Impacts
Eos Energy Storage Looking to Disrupt Grid-Scale Batteries with Zinc-Air: Eos Energy Storage believes it might...
The subversive farmer who is changing the world
Incognito journalist Tomohiko Suzuki claims Fukushima sham - The Australian
Governor vows to prepare Calif. for climate change - San Jose Mercury News Calif. governor joined by international climate change officials for global warming conference - Minn...
Controversial marine 'protected' areas effective January 1 - Bay Area Indymedia
With EPA power-plant rule’s finalization pending, both sides see a lot at stake
National Energy Board spells out conditions under which oil drillers would be allowed to operate in Beaufort Sea
The Anti-Environment Record of the US House of Representatives | Democrats Slam Republicans | Released Today
Add Quakes to Rumblings Over Gas Rush
Clorox Earns Sixth 100 percent Rating on Corporate Equality Index
CEI's Chris Horner Testifies before Ohio House on Folly of Green Energy Policy
TransCanada to boost Keystone XL pipeline
GOP seeks to strip EPA offshore drilling oversight - Marketwatch
Dot Earth Blog: Nepal and Others Mull Monsanto's Role in Advancing Agriculture 

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