Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sustainability Journal VikramR Chari Volume 2011 Issue 144

The questionable economics of shale gas
Switch ships first liquid-cooled LED bulbs to hotels
Are we now entering the value phase of smartgrid? How are you using data to create value?
The Future: Suburbs, Farmers Markets, Air Traffic Control, And Beer! Constant Contact
The sun goes down on yet another solar panel maker. This time it's Germany's
ZETA Completes Affordable Net Zero Energy Homes:
New Holland unveils its new NH2 zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell tractor:
Greenest Restaurant In America Wants to Be Outdone - "This year we produced well over 700 pounds of produce, which i...
U.S. Envoy Relieved by Climate Talks’ Outcome…
Disasters doom Texas oyster crop… / "It's going to be a miserable Christmas."
A cost-effective investment in SoCal water supply is making this *the* policy that creates local jobs & benefits.
Carnegie Wave Energy Moves Forward on Canadian and Chilean Projects
From control center to optimization engine by Andres Carvallo and John Cooper…
My, what a busy week for smartgrid projects…
The OTHER Colorado smart city gets its grid on…
Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas - The Independent
Anvil Knitwear's Emissions Rise 32% with Increased Production
Cold-Hearted About Warming: Conservative Media Deride Adaptation Aid For World’s Poor as “Climate Gold”
A city without public transit: congested, isolated
Asian Pulp & Paper's Environmental Claims "Mostly Hogwash", WWF Report Shows
Saving energy & reducing environmental impact - just one benefit of the SmartGrid & SmartMeters - Know more. Do more.
 UN Climate Chief Is ‘Surprised’ at Canada’s Kyoto Withdrawal – Bloomberg
 Why small delays on climate change can be so costly - Washington Post
Report Seeks Far Tighter Safety System for Oil Drilling - New York Times
BP Oil Spill Shows Blowout Preventers Need Redesign, Panel Says – Bloomberg
Oil companies have invested 50 times more in tar sands than in renewables
MGM Resorts International Employees Raise $4.6 Million to Help Charities Serving Communities:
Global Energy Projections for 2040
Towns Fighting to Stand Ground Against Gas Drillers
The Effects of Chlorofluorocarbons on the Ozone Layer
Changing Your Dinner Plate Could Change The World
Sabic Working to Turn Crude Into Petrochems Without Refinery…
First Solar slashes forecast, staff & plans to flee subsidized markets
Guest Post: The Ghosts of Solyndra’s Past, Auctioned…
Do people have the right to know that they are ingesting herbicides and pesticides?
Smart Grid - NYTimes: Marriott investing in DemandResponse with 2-year payback, set and forget automation 

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