Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 141

Drinking water contaminated: Gas-Fracking Chemicals Detected in Wyoming Aquifer, EPA Says
World climate talks on brink of disaster
System to grade Gulf of Mexico's health in the works…
Record-breaking extreme weather occurred in all 50 states this year. #Climate change is here now, where you live. Look
43% of Texas now in worst drought stage.… But 100% still in drought.…
NRDC releases extreme weather map…
Catskills Deal for the New York City Watershed ~NYTimes
How Women Are Affected By, and Can Shape, Climate Policy
The brutal logic of climate change mitigation
Big climate change could happen fast - and soon; sea levels could rise several meters
Dirty Secrets about Toxic Cleaners, Grid-Connected Electric Vehicles Move Forward, & More...
Subsidizing Wall Street to Buy Chinese Solar Panels from TJ Rodgers of Cypress Semi…
Study assesses sustainability of seafood farming methods
Green America Denounces Senate's Failure to Confirm Head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau...
Announcement: ECOtality to offer SSN platform for EVSE.smartgrid
Is cannibalism in polar bears on the rise? 

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