Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 124

November 15 News: TransCanada Says it Will Relocate Keystone Pipeline — Will it Impact the Next Review? http://bit.ly/vWc6Oo
World Usability Day celebrates and encourages simpler technology smrt.io/tEOFu7
Get Coal Ash Out of Our Drinking Water! bit.ly/sqaETt
Green Infrastructure: The Next New Deal: In an economy that continues to teeter on the brink of a bit.ly/uKG6t8
First look at the new Tesla Model S Beta electric car bit.ly/sgYJ7I
Energy Efficiency, GHG Reduction Goals to Drive HVAC Innovation shar.es/bFoYh
U.S. could delay Keystone decision past 2012 election bit.ly/tX07F5 ~Reuters
GSA Goes Deep Green With Next-Gen Green Leasing Standards onforb.es/uobmFR
Surge coming after Alaska coast hit by winds on.msnbc.com/uoCTy5
Rice University’s New LEED Gold Dorms Feature Prefab Bathroom Pods bit.ly/tF5S0s ~Inhabitat
Investor, White House discussed Solyndra loan: emails bit.ly/s4bCyU ~Reuters
Menhaden Catch Reduction Is Approved bit.ly/rXjur3
Green Chemicals Will Save Industry as much as $65.5 Billion by 2020 shar.es/bzioz
PHOTOS: BMW Unveils i3 Electric Car and i8 Hybrid Electric Vehicle on US Soil for the First Time! bit.ly/rLuff9 ~Inhabitat
5 great Tips how to Green your Insulation shar.es/bFbUh
China "concerned" about U.S. dumping probe into solar panels bit.ly/sUjzVN ~Reuters
Pine Island Glacier: A Scientific Quest in Antarctica to Determine What's Causing Ice Loss - National ow.ly/1fzDDF
International team to drill beneath massive Antarctic ice shelf - EurekAlert ow.ly/1fzDDH
OMA’s Green-Roofed Milstein Hall Unifies Cornell’s Architecture School Into One Stunning Structure bit.ly/u8dH2V ~Inhabitat
BT rings up £13m energy savings with smart meter programme: business_green Thousands of meters ...bit.ly/tBk0VM
Republican Rand Paul Attempts to Revoke Part of the Clean Air Act bit.ly/s9LaHq ~Inhabitat
How solar can make data centers more efficient dlvr.it/vR1jv
Silver Spring and the Smart Grid Fantasy Island of Maui: Silver Spring Networks has taken the lead in U.S. smart... bit.ly/uH4YH3
Solar Power Creating Jobs, Boosting Tennessee’s Economy bit.ly/rqmu4I
The Evolution of the Carbon War Room's Gigaton Awards - GreenBiz ow.ly/1fEQVi
Climate change changes plant genes - Examiner ow.ly/1fEQVn
Hurricane Ike Destroys Home, Owner Faces Foreclosure on Nonexistent House - ABC Newsow.ly/1fEQVy
Green Blog: Greenhouse Gas Effort Was a Success, Study Says, Even if Political Winds Blow the Other Way http://nyti.ms/ve0mf7
What the Keystone XL delay means for tar sands and the green movement- http://bit.ly/u9ywOq
It turns out that among auto manufacturers, BMW is one of the most sustainable in the world! http://fb.me/LuFdckpc The BMW i3: Advancing Automotive Sustainability http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/11/bmw-i3-advancing-automotive-sustainability/
Savannah mayoral candidates talk transportation, sustainability |http://savannahnow.comhttp://bit.ly/voUJe8
How Social Media Can Drive Sustainability http://soc.li/YQA0RCK
Adrian Grenier launches sustainable wine label --http://mnn.com/node/118607
The Evolution of the Carbon War Room's Gigaton Awards - GreenBiz http://ow.ly/1fEQVi
Climate change changes plant genes – Examiner http://ow.ly/1fEQVn
Houston Chron editorial: Texas needs to get with the clean-air program http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Texas-needs-to-get-with-the-clean-air-program-2269014.php
BSR, LIMA Release Practical Guide for Licensees on Social and Environmental Compliance: BSR and ... http://bit.ly/rREMVr 
Climate change episode of Frozen Planet won't be shown in the U.S. as viewers don't believe in global...http://ow.ly/1fEXJJ BBC's Frozen Planet: Educate, inform, entertain - as long as it doesn't upset climate sceptics: business_green... http://bit.ly/vdaVYr
Editorial: The real objection: Oceana planners need to own up to reasons behind offshore wind ban - ML...http://ow.ly/1fEXJR
Mosaic Details Expanding Commitment to Helping the World Grow the Food it Needs in 2011 Sustainability... http://bit.ly/suq6lf 
“Use-By” Dates: a Myth that Needs Busting http://bit.ly/t36e6Z
Report warns carbon floor price will destroy UK coal industry: business_green Failure of coal i... http://bit.ly/t2BDUL
GeneralElectric Launches SmartGrid as a Service bit.ly/rOrz1m
SolarTech and CalCEF Move to Accelerate Securitization of Solar Asset Class http://bit.ly/sneVmx
Solar power offers little hedge against grid problems http://bit.ly/sj1oBF 

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