Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 122

Australia passes Carbon Emissions Tax shar.es/bRDav 
Critical List: Australia will have a carbon tax; 10 percent of Chinese farmland contaminated http://bit.ly/rTMv79
Social Business Strategies ‘as Important’ as Economic Ones: Building a social purpose into a business... bit.ly/tzIoVA
Survey Shows EU Consumers Eager to Invest in Sustainability shar.es/bREk7
What if California Cut Its Global Warming Pollution 80% and No One Noticed? bit.ly/vZ5JE0
The War on the EPA Just Got Really, Really Weird bit.ly/se9Uqe
Sustainability part of the plan for Bishops Bay development bit.ly/uOa1Fn
The Daily Dig: Stolen Restaurant Grease is Good News for Biofuel Market http://bit.ly/rumtTK
The Pupa Pavilion Is Built Entirely from Office Waste! http://bit.ly/u09pAC
The Big Question: How Can PV Players Survive?: Does the solar PV market's current turbulence reflect worrying ...http://bit.ly/v9Q9e1
The Science of Controversial Shale Gas Extraction in Photos http://bit.ly/rIrwls
Podcast: Amory Lovins on How to “Reinvent Fire” and Run a 150% Bigger Economy With No Oil, Coal or Nuclear http://bit.ly/vwrraz
 Carbon Neutrality VIDEO http://youtu.be/YQo4eGlsphg?a
Early Fuel Cell Developments Is Creating New Markets for Hydrogen http://shar.es/bRihw 
How to make your e-book reader solar-powered: http://bit.ly/tfTyWU
Gulf oil spill grants were fumbled, lawsuits say - New Orleans Times-Picayune http://ow.ly/1fxHPC
 Global Offshore Wind Market to Grow 37% Annually Through 2020 - http://msnbc.com http://ow.ly/1fxHPz
Health Tab for Climate Change: $14 Billion - Mother Jones http://ow.ly/1fxHPj
Nissan LEAF Test Drive: Acceleration at Speed of Electrons http://bit.ly/vNwelW
Zero Motorcycles unveils 2012 lineup; 114-mile range http://smrt.io/utrjG9
A research expedition around underwater mountains will document the impact of overfishing. ow.ly/7mDtt
Early Fuel Cell Developments Is Creating New Markets for Hydrogen shar.es/bRihw
Most Solar Makers Will Disappear by 2015: Trina CEO bloom.bg/ucLf79 >Gao predicts 5 comps each in modules, polySi, ingots/wafers  

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