Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue121

Desertec’s First Solar Power Plant to Begin Construction in Morocco Next Year
Fishing For Progress in the Retail Seafood Sector
KOMIPO and POSCO E&C win $1 billion U.S. plant deal ~Reuters
Tesla planning super charging station between SF and LA
Smart Grids Deliver Touted Economic and Environmental Benefits
Ukiah Biofuels Company To Get USDA Funding
Tesla planning super charging station between SF and LA
Koch Industries Makes Global Warming Go Away
Shale Shocked: Highly Probable? Fracking Caused U.K. Earthquakes, and It’s Linked to Oklahoma Temblors
26 Nations Defy Europe on Airline Emissions  - NYTimes
Business Leaders Still Struggle to Integrate Sustainability into MIssion |
WEF, CSF work on Sustainable Competitiveness Framework | Pakistan | News | Newspaper | Daily | English | Online…
Watch Polar Bear Migration Live
Jon Huntsman’s energy plan shoots blanks
Learning from history: Why natural gas prices will rise
Barker accuses Labour of 'knee-jerk opposition' to solar subsidy cuts: business_green Climate change.
Can Free Energy Retrofits Pay Off for Serious Energy?: Serious Energy says it can finance a billion dollars.
Energy Storage Driving Growth in U.S. Cleantech Investment
Human rights trump climate change as sustainability concern
Only 15% of Americans have gotten home energy audits & one-third don't even think they need one!
First Solar VP: Renewables industrial policy needed
Evolution of Philanthropy: Giving Your Products Away
The environment needs you to go to Washington on Nov. 6.
The Green Marketing Company: What We Do
Ever wish you could grow your own food? You can. The concept is called Small Plot Intensive Farming.
The Greenie Pig gets religion on global warming
Do We Hear $100 Billion?
Chile has approved 208 projects to tackle its growing energy demands.
Can sewage save us from oil ? Bioplastics get revolutionary - and sorta gross
Has Solar Market Fragmentation Continued in 2011?
Emerging Utility Solar Business Models: Creating New Market Opportunities
Koch-funded skeptic on NBC: "The existence of global warming is pretty much beyond dispute now."
Industrial Energy Management Market to Total $5.6 Billion in the next 10 years
Texas now has 10,000 MW installed wind generation producing as much as 7,500 MW coincident, and CREZ underway for another 8,500 MW.
Voting with Our Advertising Dollars: Google’s Commitment to Green
Morgan Stanley Expands Pro Bono Program by Signing Billion + Change Pledge: Morgan Stanley
climatechange Researchers say climate change is changing Pacific Northwest forest structure as well - Oregonian

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