Friday, September 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 99

MIT and US Navy Team Up on Alternative Energy
Smart car: Nissan designing mind-reading vehicle
The Brown Revolution: Increasing Agricultural Productivity Naturally
 The Top 10 U.S. Cities for Public Transportation
Must-read poll on how most non-Tea Party Americans really, really love federal efforts to create clean energy jobs.
ViridiSTOR “Green Box” Reduces Trade Show Waste
Iranian Opposition Calls for 'Iranian Fall': In the wake of the success of the 'Arab Spring',
Beautiful natural phenomena, the glowing waves in California
BSR 2011 Preview: A Solution to the Conflict Minerals Crisis?
Waste industry blasts Pickles' weekly bin collection plans: business_green New £250m fund for
Of the 26-73M sharks killed every year for their fins, more than 50,000 come from the Gulf of Mexico.
Finding Infinity - a supercool animation of a world entirely powered by renewable
Vermont: Not As Green As You Might Think
Massive Chinese-Backed Dam on Irrawaddy River Halted by Burma's Government
Constellation Breaks Ground on Maryland’s Largest Solar Array
Report: How Smaller Companies Profit From Sustainability
U.S. lays out next steps for restart of Va. Reactor ~Reuters
Despite Solyndra, U.S. Solar Up 69%
A win for clean air in Los Angeles!
Today in Green IT: U.S. solar makers vs China
Brits can be paid up to $140 to recycle electronics, yet many don't bother - What do you make of this?
Carmakers Unveil New Types of Hybrids
Addressing Climate Change: Cleaner Cheaper Alternatives to the Pipeline
Ecolab named to Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index
House passed TRAINwreck legislation last week, repeals cleanair standards for power plants that would save 130K lives
New Shrimp Farming Technique Yields Record Hauls of Jumbo Shrimp from Minimal Water
Is it time to break our purchases of Bottled Water?
"One glitch in the tar sands pipeline could destroy our clean water sources... possibly forever." -Kyra Sedgwick
How can the U.S. solar industry meet expectations? @REWorld takes a 

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