Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 97

Getting an ROI out of true sustainability…
Sysco Corp is persuaded to improve Sustainability

Global warming: New study challenges carbon benchmark
Agreement reached on ‘green ICT’ methodology, guidelines for conflict materials & study on recycling batteries
U.S. gives $136 million for advanced biofuels research ~Reuters
The Denier Industrial Complex’s Molehill-to- Mountain Machine: How Conservatives Beat Progressives at Messaging
Germany Continues Exporting Electricity: Renewables Driving Down Prices Despite Closing Reactors: Recent data s...
Brazil Soars in Clean Energy Rankings: There is an old joke that says Brazil is the country of the future – and...
Flames Light the Prairie and Warm the Planet
Simple Technologies Can Improve The Lives Of Millions In Developing World, Say Global Health Leaders
Gulf fish hammered by BP oil
Solar: Norwegian Would
Plug-in Vehicles Have Been Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting: A comment from maxkilmachina recently drew...
Solar Shakeout Continues: Stirling Energy Systems Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The falling cost of PV contin...
JUST RELEASED: New report on opportunities in the green economy for the formerly incarcerated.
Google, Clean Power Finance Create $75 Million Fund For Residential Solar: Clean Power Finance, a provider of in...
REC Solar Considers Permanent Shutdown Of Norway Production Capacity: The board of directors of PV wafer, cell a...
Smart Grid Roundup: Home Networks, Smart Meters, and Telecoms Join the Fray: Home energy management is touted ...
The Green Marketing Company: Partners and Affiliates wanted to help build a better world.
With new turbine, Alstom aims for low-wind geographies
Martine Camillieri repurposes detergent and other plastic bottles into clever cars and
Department of Energy Shifts R&D Focus to Near-Term Technologies in Efficiency and Electric Vehicles
To those that claim the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will put America to work, Cornell U. study disagrees:
Adidas’ Shoelace-Inspired R&D Building is as High Performance as its Shoes
Busting Monsanto’s ‘better’ broccoli
Google wants you to rent your solar panels from them:
Solar subsidies spell the beginnings of a solar boom in China
10 Great Tips for Carpooling
Module prices to continue collapse into 2012, warns Solarbuzz 
Three of America’s most iconic companies find great value in pursuing comprehensive green strategies. At least to...
Greener Cleaners: Silverware Polish: Clean silver and brass with condiments and kitchen staples.
"The Sun is clearly socialist!" Good segment from @maddow on rural electrification & solar grants: 
B-Corp legislation builds the infrastructure for a new economy that is more inclusive, resilient & sustainable
Fact: The energy saved by recycling one glass bottle is enough to power a light bulb for four hours.
What Does a Green Bottom Line Look Like?
Despite headwinds, solar energy making progress, advocates say solar green
New Advanced Biofuel Identified That Can Replace Diesel Fuel
Nike looks to foster green technology, setting up the Sustainable Business & Innovation Lab to back alternative
Top 6 green Fall & Winterization Product Picks
Every day, I feel like I here about an innovative new green neighborhood, and it stokes me out. This one is for...
Green Building Fund emptied by DC politicos via WBJonline
Excellent post by Harvard economist Robert Stavins sheds light on the problem with green jobs
U.S. watchdog: EPA took shortcut on climate finding
Rancor Grows Over Planned Oil Pipeline From Canada
Smoke inhalation from cooking over open fire kills 1.6 million yearly. Rocket stoves are a solution:
World Contraception Day is For Women's Rights, But It's For the Environment, Too
It Began with a Tomato: Engagement Lessons from Florida’s Tomato Land
Architect recycles a 747 jet into a house
Solar Decathlon encourages designs within financial reach
GOP’s Solyndra Witch-Hunt Halts Project to Employ Veterans Putting Solar Panels on Military Housing

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