Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 96

Chart: The embarrassingly paltry sums government gives renewable energy t.co/Evl5hrAd
World's worst urban air pollution in Iran, South Asia t.co/SioN2Xvg
Scotland celebrates £42m in offshore renewables funding: business_green Government launches £35... t.co/oXfKGts0
Why a Former GE CSO is Taking the Plunge to a Water Startup t.co/TIen5WKE
Bankruptcy hearing for shuttered Solyndra; Solar co. wants to auction off state-of-the-art factory t.co/wwuE8HwB
How a sandcastle reveals the end of all things (and thermodynamics) t.co/Q4BmwH5K Brian Cox on a BBC show
Governor Brown Confirms Commitment to Making California a Leader in Clean Energy t.co/mD2KhyAv
Farewell, Wangari Maathai, Hummingbird of Hope t.co/9FiUnwRQ
The new family home: zero-carbon Passivhaus with a vaulted meadow roof! t.co/1ZoqDOsk
Who’s behind the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and why it matters t.co/NEGdc6N7
He found a several-mile-wide swath of crude oil in the Gulf. LAST WEEK! t.co/xqQ2qYym
Pew Report: U.S. Military to Invest $10 Billion in Clean Energy t.co/Whmr03bZ
Ecological stability is essential to stabilise the economy. The world goes into ecological debt. t.co/me6F7i1w
Morristown Grassroots Awards is a fundraiser for Sustainable Morristown, launched with a grant from the... t.co/WmIqbwjk
NEW: Dubuque awarded for sustainability efforts t.co/qMzQBXFL
Twelve Great Green Tips for your Windows t.co/WbJLIMmX
Dubai to host The Sustainable Arabia Conference intended to be held in March 2012
Atlas error overstates Greenland’s (still significant!) ice loss t.co/pTPLYheX
From cancer survivor to environmental health expert t.co/H3R2duIe
EETimes Nicolas Mokhoff: "The builders of the smartgrid know they’re running a marathon, not a sprint"
Blessed Unrest - Paul Hawken's speech at the Bioneers conference. t.co/NPnVa6Qz
The US Navy goes green with solar and biodiesel: http://arst.ch/r0x
Panasonic embraces recycling, takes on WEEE and improves sustainability t.co/v0DtU8ZO
Patagonia Launches Groundbreaking Sustainable Wool Program In Argentina t.co/tJuKPsz2
Improving nutrition means improving food accessibility bit.ly/orHAOy
Will obscure twists and turns in a US Appellate Court decision hurt our grizzlies? bit.ly/nB7FGG 

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