Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 10

Top 10 smartest cities in the world smrt.io/wwjHbI
UN Launches “Year of Sustainable Energy for All” shar.es/WRcEm
Cap-and-trade scheme for whaling to be almost as popular as the other kind: bit.ly/zCoxAB
NY to purchase 1200 acres in Catskill Park watershed bit.ly/wYckXN
Best to conduct a Sustainability Audit before tax time shar.es/WQcA9
Sales of Hybrid Trucks to Jump in 2012 shar.es/WQccV
Latest: The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Your Home ow.ly/1gKQNh
Wind When We Struggle, We Learn - If there was one key takeaway from the most recent RenewableEnergyWorld.com and S... ow.ly/1gKQ0Q
Tragic death leads to energy conservation: bit.ly/xzGBYA
America's Hidden 60 Million Barrel A Day Industry: Dirty Water JobListings j.mp/w7bLV3
Detroit’s Urban Agriculture Movement Could Help ‘Green’ the City bit.ly/w3lJIH ~Inhabitat
Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam treads carefully with new energy policy http://bit.ly/wsPxxQ
Sky prepares big switchover to biomass power: business_green Studio to commission Turboden CHP ... http://bit.ly/yfnTEq
How's this for horse power: business_green http://bit.ly/ziBA6q
Fukushima's Owner Adds Insult to Injury - Claims Radioactive Fallout Isn't Theirs - http://bit.ly/AkRQNW
BioMilano dreams a lusher, greener metropolis http://bit.ly/wbo5kx
Europe has banned cage eggs. People once thought this would never happen http://bit.ly/AmXqbM
Wanted in cleantech: Operations & scaling experience ow.ly/1gKShq
Are wind turbines increasing carbon emissions? http://bit.ly/xQkGjK
US bans new mining claims near Grand Canyon http://bit.ly/zuPzcr
China, Japan take the lead in wind energy development http://bit.ly/AkdUm7
Is Austin Energy trying too hard to be green? statesman.com/news/local/is-…
Impressions of the Wind Tower Trade War: On the heels of accusations that the Chinese government is subsidizing... bit.ly/zpZ717
Orange juice fungicide row highlights flaws in US pesticide regime, says expert tinyurl.com/7ghrds8
Climate Proposal Puts Practicality Ahead of Sacrifice nytimes.com/2012/01/17/sci…
Satellite photos: massive 'pollution cloud' hangs over China smrt.io/yv45ee
Patagonia Earns Corporate Certification: Joins Community of 500 Companies to Redefine Success in... bit.ly/xsnVhs
San Angelo, TX, city council may consider changing water rates gosanangelo.com/news/2012/jan/…
California looks to green energy future upi.com/Business_News/…
WTM survey reveals industry could do more for responsible and sustainable Travel: This was to unde... bit.ly/wq6rdd
Want Cheap Biofuel? A Startup Makes It with Natural Gas techre.vu/xqOooG
Coolest. Kindergarten. Ever. bit.ly/yeZ4ZZ This Tokyo school feels and looks like a giant tree house! bit.ly/zhLe1Z
Green Blog: On the Horizon, Planes Powered by Plant Fuel bit.ly/Aiam9i
Critical List: Cruise ship could leak oil; Chevron rig catches fire bit.ly/yhM9Ti The wrecked cruise ship could become an even greater disaster if its 2,380 tons of oil manage to spill. bit.ly/zRNLhO
IKEA's Rooftop Solar to be the Biggest in Minnesota bit.ly/xr3NoT
What can we learn from L'Aquila's disaster response in 2009? [pdf] bit.ly/xTacSy
Climate change needs an intergenerational solution - The Vancouver Sun ow.ly/1gLBgr
South Florida Alliance Gears Up for Climate Change - Environmental News Network ow.ly/1gLBgm
Independent panel to probe Japan nuclear disaster - Boston Herald ow.ly/1gLBgg
ZeaChem and the Renewable Fuel Standard: ZeaChem launches its 250,000 gallon per year core process. How could t... bit.ly/yQWNhV
Oracle Optimizing Environmental Sustainability Analysis - shar.es/WRcdz
Chicago Urban Farm Aims for Environmental & Economic Self-Sufficiency - goo.gl/fb/ZQm1P
Operation Migration helps the endangered whooping crane learn to migrate from from Wisconsin to Florida. bit.ly/zuuj9K
The Economics of Sustainable Cities goo.gl/fb/1Clh0
Smart Grid - Who Are the Smart Grid Players to Watch in 2012?: Last week, GTM Research unveiled its latest smart grid research... bit.ly/zE2j5p
Wind Energy (Especially Offshore Wind Energy) News (5 More Stories) - CleanTechnica ow.ly/1gLF5v
Study: global warming related sea level rise poses big threat to Washington, D.C. - Washington Post ow.ly/1gLF5D
Getting started on BP oil spill repairs: An editorial - nola.com ow.ly/1gLF5y
Home Energy Management Takes Center Stage at CES 2012 bit.ly/wfqePq
The Smart Grid Network of Networks Comes of Age: The smart grid won’t really be truly smart until all its diff... bit.ly/y7Ihs3
Smart Grid - Cisco New Smart Grid Push: Ever since it got into the smart grid business three years ago, Cisco has been... bit.ly/AcuFJk When it comes to smart grid, Cisco’s thinking big picture dlvr.it/15hJmx
Is the CSO Trapped by Location? bit.ly/z3awKY
Are skyscrapers torpedoing the world's economies? bit.ly/wPr4bf
IBM and World Environment Center to Create Corporate Sustainability Council - shar.es/WRc78
New York Solar Companies Receive $30 Million Investment From NYSERDA: The New York State Energy Research and Dev... bit.ly/xzYy4y
European Investors Developing 400 MW Of Solar In Oman: Two Europe-based investment funds, Switzerland-headquartered... bit.ly/zx9n5R
Joule says it has amassed over $110M for solar biofuel hybrid bit.ly/xGuWdq Test-tube biofuels? Startup Joule raises $70M to try to make them work at commercial scale cnet.co/y2v2hq
Aluminum – It’s Earth friendly and highly recyclable! gogreenamericatv.com/aluminum-its-e…
The Perennialplate does it again with this moving look at a farm animal sanctuary. bit.ly/yzi1sL
Chicago plans to add 14 plants to list of invasive species banned in city - Chicago Tribune bit.ly/xCVF00
Characterising leadership for sustainable development - bit.ly/y0aMt3
After Fukushima: Will the Heat Rise for Geothermal Stocks? HTM, ORA, WFI, WFI.TO - Small Cap Network ow.ly/1gLI8E
Power Plants Shifting From Coal to Gas - Intelligencer ow.ly/1gLI8K
UPDATE 1-Dong seeks 2nd German offshore wind park - The Guardian ow.ly/1gLI8V
"Choosing organic is the only way, right now, that I can make sure I am not feeding my family potentially... fb.me/Iy6IUqHy
Smart Grid - India government announces $1bn innovation fund bit.ly/ws0nY0
First Solar sets record for thin film solar tech dlvr.it/15gs6p
Smart Grid - Info on the Green Button launch! Smart grid customers: three developments | Intelligent Utility j.mp/yR0dkk
Limiting soot and methane can reduce projected temp rise by 1 degree by 2050, and help local economies. Sounds good! - ow.ly/8wDFt
Chevron: Rig Catches Fire Off Nigeria's Delta - 2 of the 154 workers on the KS Endeavor are missing bit.ly/xDBmzh
The United Nations Says Sustainable Energy Will Go Worldwide in 2012 bit.ly/zCXdUz
Utility news dashboard with mobile apps worth a look: ow.ly/8wJwm
Modern Mayans more concerned about environment than calendar ending bit.ly/A5HcEg
Japan’s Solar Frontier lands big California power plant deal for CIGS photovoltaic panels. Watch out First Solar. onforb.es/AdsMeA
A "green shift" in just 3 sectors could save $2 trillion, according to WEF. goo.gl/daP0C
Mr. Monsanto Retires... bit.ly/yEoDXn
EPA, job killer or people saver? I say people saver for sure. One common sense journalist agrees - bit.ly/zq0VVk
CSR - Safety4Sea | Corporate social responsibility comes to maritime shipping safety4sea.com/analysis/6/25/…
Climate News Recap: High School Teachers Forced To Defend Climate Denial, Quebec Adopts Cap-and-Trade... ow.ly/1gLQXY
Evolution-in-education defenders adopt a new cause: Climate change - Houston Chronicle ow.ly/1gLQXT
Gallery: Ghost towns of Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster - Calgary Herald ow.ly/1gLQXN
CSR - Whither Responsible Luxury?: trendscape.in/whither-respon…
New Tool Reveals Country's Most Polluted Places: How Close Do You Live? bit.ly/xHlVUq
Great overview of the effects of Germany's push towards a green economy! soc.li/mTsDOVQ
How can better business processes and technology find ways to solve sustainability challenges involving materials,... fb.me/HGXBkqJk
20-Year Ban Put On Mining Claims Near Grand Canyon n.pr/zej1Sr
Guess what will happen if orangutans’ habitats are compromised to the point where there isn’t sufficient fruit? bit.ly/wkWkk6
Pipeline Protest: The 99% Strike Back Against Keystone XL bit.ly/wc99rF 

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