Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 07

EPA releases GHG data on country's biggest polluters
Clean energy technology saves you money:
Eating less meat and dairy is a very good idea, as long as you don't call it "semi-veganism".
Study Reveals That Climate Change is Now a Factor for Investment Bankers ~Inhabitat
Oil spill on Christmas Island threatens red crabs
Biomass Investment Sees Rapid Growth – Will Total $104 Billion by 2021
Hong Kong the Latest to Introduce Trash Metering: "Pay-as-you-throw" is becoming an increasingly popular waste-m...
California Proposes Utility Bills as Latest Efficiency Investment Tool: From California, the land of policy-...
The perils of cleantech investing: KiOR & the long term, high risk view…
Rubenius, 1 GW of Energy Storage, Revisited…
What does buying Free Range or Cage Free really mean?
Elevations partners with city of Boulder to finance upgrades (Energy Smart loan program) #green
Global warming killed 80% of seal pups in 2011.
Biomass Investment Sees Fast Growth – Will Total $104 Billion by 2021
These designs by StellaBleuHome are smart way to reuse old industrial piping as shelving and lighting.
CPS Energy Announces New Details On 400 MW Solar Plans: San Antonio-based municipal utility CPS Energy says it ...
PSEG Solar Source Buys 25.2 MW PV Project From juwi: PSEG Solar Source, a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise...
Simple Energy: The Facebook of Energy Savings?…
This electric unicycle is turning heads at CES as it changes how we think about getting around.
Smart Grid  - PG&E to join 20% renewable generation club in 2012
China's renewables surge outweighed by growth in coal consumption
Consumers in Columbus Ohio Choose Organic Company To Protect Homes from Pests.
Clean Energy Investment Hits Record in 2011 As U.S. Reclaims Lead From China. 

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