Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 138

Pasadena Research Company Faces Wrath of Animal Rights Activists - Laist.comow.ly/1g0Mn0
Durban dispatch: Climate-talks failure is ‘moral apartheid’ bit.ly/v1cFfN
Businesses urged to flick switch on £700m in efficient lighting savings: business_green New Car...bit.ly/tyjpQW
Consultancy aims to wave goodbye to lengthy life-cycle analysis: business_green New tool to hel...bit.ly/u9UjHn
China Daily profiles the Sino-Senegal clean energy bonanza! bit.ly/ujlXSM
China's paper makers seek to reduce energy intensity by 18% by 2015 bit.ly/tHYffj
Globe slowly warming, insists 'Hansen's Bulldog' - The Register ow.ly/1g0JKZ
Global warming 'not slowing down,' say researchers - EurekAlert ow.ly/1g0JKM
A typical American who goes car-free for 35 years can save over a million dollars. bit.ly/rtsOh4
Europe's largest city development project Hefencity Hamburg will put 5,500 new green transit-accessible homes downtown bit.ly/t9h4GI
Sweden has a green reputation, but its forests are being laid to waste by logging companies #green bit.ly/w0g1Zh
The center of the earth contains a massive amount of heat, which creates a form of energy: Geothermal Energy bit.ly/tME4vz
Building a shared vision for sustainability ow.ly/1BxGCr
Uganda : Slow Action On Climate Change Threatens Health - http://AllAfrica.com http://ow.ly/1g0Zct
Liberals' green energy strategy blasted by auditor bit.ly/um9p4v
75% of US cornfields are treated with (female hormone altering herbicide) atrazine every year. bit.ly/u82LCA
UK allocates over £1bn of climate aid: business_green Chris Huhne announces UK is on schedule t... bit.ly/vyTQhC
South Africa's LED push smrt.io/t4Eo6a
Scientists confirm Himalayan glacial melting - Space Daily ow.ly/1g188v Himalayan Glaciers At Risk Due to Climate Change - Int'l Business Times ow.ly/1g188t
IKEA to Grow Company's U.S. Solar Presence to 75% with Plans to Install Solar Panels on All Ten ... bit.ly/vXlWVi
Hottest Issues in Smart Grid, Part 1: Data Access Versus Security bit.ly/u3QrG9
Ocean Wind Energy Project Application Submitted for Project in Maine goo.gl/fb/t6EAs 

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