Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 137

Global Warming Fight Threatened by Debt Crisis as Kyoto Fades – Bloomberg
Climate justice - Global Nation - DURBAN—Before the Copenhagen climate-change summit two years ago, t... Durban Climate Talks: How Do We Judge Success? Video Blog from Global Warming Negotiations in South Arica: Beginning of the second week as Ministers arrive
Volcano and cloud forests conserved in Ecuador
Americans waste 30% of all edible food produced, bought & sold in this country. And that's low.
Solar Energy Will Supply One-Third of Global Energy by 2060
Industry Group, NGOs Propose Carbon Tax on Int’l Shipping as UN Climate Talks Open - Triple Pundit
The market alone doesn't drive enough growth in clean energy to cut carbon emissions.
 Scientists to release landmark report: Climate change, snow melt, glaciers in Himalayas - EurekAlert
 6 straight years without a hurricane … so why are insurance premiums rising? - Orlando Sentinel
Even with a GDP growth of only 2.8%, the U.S. solar market grew 67% in 2010
New reports identify impacts of climate change on world's highest mountains – EurekAlert
Nations join to protect humpbacks - Cape Cod Times
President's Better Buildings Initiative will deliver real value and is great news
Economists urge White House, Congress to protect more public lands
GLOBAL ACTION RALLY FOR CLIMATE CHANGE - CNN - The streets of Durban close to the International Conference...
Introducing the – “Chevy Carbon Stories”…
New set top boxes may use as much as 30% less energy than older models.
Africa facing 'evolutionary sledgehammer' from climate change #green
The richest person in America says the investments needed to develop major new tech is too big for private industry.
Solar Power is Contagious, Study Finds
Obama: 1/2 Good? #green
Drop in CO2 Levels Led to Antarctic Ice Sheet, Study Finds
New oil spill alert from crippled ship off New Zealand - Monsters and Critics
The water, energy and food nexus
GMOs: Our ability to grow and consume healthy food is threatened by genetically modified seeds.
More Radioactive Leaks From Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant  New Water Leak At Nuclear Plant Heightens Concerns Over Seawater Contamination - Smart Money
What's the Connection Between the Media & Climate Skeptics?
Global Carbon Emissions at Record High
Britain Pledges $15 Million to Combat Deforestation in Brazil
 Climate change: India to kick off negotiations - NDTV
Bluefin tuna likely OK after BP spill - Boston Globe
GridTalk: Why IEEE Std 2030? < smart grid interoperability standards
A conversation with Zipcar's CEO Scott Griffith
Australia, New Zealand could link carbon trade schemes in 2015 ~Reuters
Commercial eco building business case resistant to recession: LEED metals still precious - platinum highly valued
Renewable energy powers Vip mobile in central Serbia
Harnessing desert sun to power Europe
CloudAppsCarbon launches Sustainability Space to get green firms talking - 05 Dec 2011…
Energy Dept. Panel Warns of Environmental Toll of Current Gas Drilling Practices
The most detailed map yet of Antarctica's underbelly revealed NASA maps Earth's polar ice caps
International carbon emissions reach a record high 

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