Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 21

Socially responsible asset managers scour emerging markets for investments with ESG appeal 
It's a plate chart. Because a pie chart has too much sugar. 
Trina Solar Announces Partnership with actor Patrick Dempsey Racing: Industry leading, global ...
10 Clean Energy Trends to Watch in 2011 And Beyond:
A very important article about cleantech policy in the U.S.: Take the time to read this Politico article.  It'...
New blog post: How Do You Ensure You Buy an Energy Efficient Computer?
FORBES "GE: Solar Power Will Cost Less Than Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power in Five Years"
Verizon's Sustainability Initiatives Help Preserve California's Environment: 
World Environment Day – Sunday June 5, 2011 - Growing Movement:
Greenhouse gas emissions hitting record highs
Australian PM faces toughest test on carbon tax
Republicans claim environmental regulations weaken the economy, as Democrats argue that regulations protect the public
The rhetoric about environmental controls killing jobs is getting louder and louder
New blog post: Solar and Heat Tips
New blog post: Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories (3rd Edition)
Waste Management announces SmartEnergy Compactor to reduce power consumption:
New Site - Same Cause - Great Book - Green Your Home and we'll plant Trees:
A Warming Planet Struggles to feed itself 
New study indicates carbon release to atmosphere ten times faster than in the past
Wearing nothing new: low budget, second hand, very sustainable - TED talk 
ISSP Insight June 2011
What would it take to finance the sustainable energy transition? blog post on  WorldWatch
Ever seen people marching for austerity? 10,000 in Melbourne to urge for a carbon tax
Investing in green energy? Visit BusinessGreen today.
Our Future Business Leaders Are All About Green
Passive Solar Home Plans Now Available From Sierra Solar Systems: Create a sustainable home design that heats a...
7 Unique Eco-Friendly Company Transportation Alternatives: This post originally appeared on the American ...
David Tuckett's new book argues that contemporary #economicsunderestimates the importance of emotions
Competitive Positioning in PV Manufacturing: The Seven Metrics That Matter:
Alcatel-Lucent to flip the switch on solar panels Tuesday | NJ.com < solar panels on our Murray Hill campus, N.J.
IBMNGN- The simple truth about energy efficiency in networks & how it can improve our planet
Northern Trust Publishes Inaugural CSR Report: Northern Trust, a leading provider of financial se... 
Silently, stealthily, the electric Range Rover stalks the Serengeti
Airline emissions trading will spark trade wars, industry warns EU
Geo-engineering: massive potential, or massively implausible?
Repsol sails into Scottish offshore wind market with £50m SeaEnergy purchase
Reports: EPA considers delay to power plant emissions rules
Clean Energy: Ten Trends to Watch in 2011 and Beyond; Pike Research; 2Q 2011
Japan's latest energy-saving tip to residents: unplug your toilets
Broadtech Institute for Training & Education (BRITE) Announces Partnership with the Merck Company Foundation for Management and Leadership in Zambia 
New battery design could give electric vehicles a jolt
Millennial Mindset: Deloitte Survey Finds Workers Who Frequently Volunteer Are Happier with Care...
Miss Universe Provides Child Poverty a Platform In Mexico: /PRNewswire/ - Miss Universe 2010... 
UN: $40bn a year could halve deforestation worldwide
Figueres accepts Kyoto deadline will be missed
Will We See Fusion in the Future?: If General Fusion can fulfill its goal of generating power from nuclear fusion...
AlcaLu - Blog post: TETRA Communications over LTE, demonstrated at @TETRA_World in May '11 
Can healthy fast food really be healthy? According to one recent report the answer is absolutely not.
Greenvity Raises $7 Million For Chip Technology To Make Electronics, Vehicles Smarter 
OECD launched the Better Life Index (In the right direction: Measure what you value)
Concerning - UK e-waste illegally dumped in Ghana; revealed by joint Panorama and EIA investigation via @guardian
Four Canadian universities share $12.5 million for #climatechange research
More efforts required to reduce ozone pollution in Europe
California Senate votes to ban foam takeout containers
Look out for our Best 50 Corporate Citizens issue released this Wed - safe to say it's one of our faves! Get yours here
First-of-its-kind fluorescence map offers a new view of the world's land plants
NiSource Issues 2010 Sustainability Report today...

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