Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 21

Volvo claims WiFi-controlled cars could cut carbon emissions by a fifth
EDF guarantees Morrisons £1m a year in energy savings
SunPower latest US solar developer to face legal action
Discover your complete resource to green business.
Is CO2 a safer alternative for killing bugs in food?
The 12 principles of Green Chemistry
How to run a sustainable business - top tips from vmpioneers
(The system is extremely interconnected) What are the health impacts of fish diets high in mercury? [pdf]
Terry Collins on an excellent guest lecture on Green Chemistry at BTH [video] 
Study warns major economies' energy security at "high risk"
Solar industry urges major government re-think
Personal Fabrication Machines – Open Source Ecology
New Records In Cleantech Offer Hope For More Affordable Solar Power, LED Lights
Enphase Microinverter-Based Solar Systems 45 to 70 Times More Reliable: Enphase Energy today released field data...
America does the worst at raising revenue through environmental taxation among OECD members
"Flame retardants found in groundwater" in 72 of 74 EU sites surveyed [pdf]
Natural Power launches new managed wind data service, vuWind: Natural Power have announced the release of a new...
On the institute for green science: online Introduction to Green Chemistry 
Dow Recognizes World Environment Day: The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow) joins thousands of people ...
John Warner on how Green Chemistry started: from a Polaroid chemist and an EPA official [video]
A “molecular psychologist". Put the molecule on a couch and ask it: What would you like? [video] 
Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink
St Andrews hopes on-site wind farm will cut crippling energy bills
The importance of selecting non-hazardous materials in our electronic products [opens 1page pdf]
EnerJ power-saving system prioritizes CPU voltage, may reduce energy consumption by 90 percent
Social Innovation Summit - Unleashing Ontario's Social Innovation Opportunities
Solar FlexRack Chosen for Sunquake Energy's 3.7mW Installation in Eastern Ontario: YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — Another C...
Interesting piece - our simplistic faith in green technologies isn't enough to create realistic sustainability outcomes
Biomimicry pioneer Janine Benyus on a TED talk
A bold national #energy plan can benefit the provinces And our take on the matter
Company that transforms garbage into ethanol attracts big investors
Competition laws are frightening firms from partnering up to drive sustainability standards
Article (a bit old) on Nitrogen independence 
Corporate Express Encourages Australian Businesses to do Their Bit for Sustainability: To coincide...
How To Prevent Rainforest Destruction
SMA Introduces Sunny Design 2.0 Photovoltaic Array Design Software: SMA has released a new version of its PV system...
SOLARWATT Introduces Easy-In PV System With Energy-Management Features: SOLARWATT AG, based in Dresden, Germany,...
Millennial Mindset: Deloitte Survey Finds Workers Who Frequently Volunteer Are Happier with Career...
The roadmap for CSP plant development hangs in the balance of plants: Albert Fong, Managing Director of Albiasa...
Panasonic to build 'sustainable smart town' in Japan by the year 2014
Kodak Launches Cash Trade-In Program for Recyclable Electronics: June 2, 2011 - Eastman Kodak Co... 

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