Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 3

Climate change cuts a France's worth of wheat out of global agriculture: 
Building Management: The Top Acquisition Targets: IBM recently purchased Tririga, a software company that prov...
Solar FlexRacks Are Part of One of the Largest Solar Arrays in the State of Michigan: Youngtown, OH  - .
Investing in green energy? Visit BusinessGreen today.
Coming of age: New Zealand’s carbon market gets an exchange
Republicans edge closer to offshore drilling victory
What's most convincing? A.Lovins for renewables vs George Monbiot for nuclear
Rothschild pledges to mentor green start ups
Food prices driven up by global warming, study shows
Informative 3mins video on Energy Modeling from RockyMtnInst 
PV Electronics Market Gets More Crowded, More Funding: Power-One (Nasdaq:PWER), the world's second largest
Canadian renewable energy income trust assets up 50% since 2008! Now sitting at almost $13 billion 
Canadian Socially Responsible Investments Review - Impact investments have grown from $90m in 2000 to $4.4b in 2010 (Canada alone). Talk about growth! #ckba..
Bioenergy: ERS Research Findings on the Economics of Biofuels -
"Dragging us into the dark ages" - Green quotes of the week
Colorado Legislature Votes To Reduce Solar Installation Permit Fees: Costs to install solar technology are set to fall...
Italy's New Solar FITs: Doom And Gloom Or Key To Grid Parity?:...
How to Integrate Sustainability into Your Company Strategy. FREE On-Demand Webcast |
The Capital Institute - Strategies for Sustainability
Terry Collins came to BTH to give a great guest lecture on Green Chemistry [video]
United Nations rallies private sector for forestry protection investment
Green business practices are "win, win, win," says Unilever Canada VP
 'Swiss cheese' design enables thin film silicon solar cells with potential for higher efficiencies 
WASTE Not, Want Not: A truly sustainable economy would produce no waste: everything would be recycled or reused ...
Baltic Sea Could Be Home to 1 GW of Wind Power Capacity: The Baltic Sea is poised to become Europe's second big...
Database: Check out your country's GHG emissions
Gobal Military Dominance Through Health Care And Solar Panels 
Who's In? U.S. Solar Industry Bands Together To Cut Costs, Make Panels Better 
What Do You Need for a Silicon Valley of Green?: What are the secret ingredients needed to transform a city or...
Interesting approach for streetlight management and energy savings 


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