Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 2

Worldwatch Institute New from ReVolt: Financing the Sustainable Energy Transition: Rising Support from Multilateral Development Banks
Worldwatch Institute “Agriculture is often blamed as one of the causes of environmental problems. But we are trying to highlight how agriculture is a solution to many of the world’s pressing challenges,” says Danielle Nierenberg on Radio Free Asia.
Worldwatch Institute Some simple solutions to “hidden hunger” or micronutrient deficiencies that affects some 1 billion people worldwide. Indigenous vegetables not only help alleviate micronutrient deficiencies but can also be useful in providing solutions to a range of health problems. LINK:
Worldwatch Institute ReVolt: Carbon Capture is Gaining Momentum, But Costs Are Rising -
Worldwatch Institute Why a farmer in India turned to organic farming after 15 years of using agro-chemicals
Worldwatch Institute EIA Report Identifies Massive Shale Gas Resources Worldwide (Map):
Worldwatch Institute ‎"The resilience of our food supply is as much about the quality and diversity of our food sources as it is about how much we produce!" - Nourishing the Planets column in YES! Magazine. LINK:
Worldwatch Institute New from ReVolt: Preview of forthcoming Worldwatch report on China's green economy:
Worldwatch Institute Can cell phones really help reduce food waste? Check out this Nourishin the Planet featured innovation.
Worldwatch Institute Interesting Interview on Nourishing the Planet with The Prince of Wales Charities' Tony Juniper. Finding Harmony With Agriculture and the Environment:
Worldwatch Institute Nourishing the Planet Interviews Slow Food USA: "We all have a stake in fixing problems in the food system—& the ability to participate in the solutions.
Worldwatch Institute EL Daily reports that China's renewable energy market is set to hit $53 billion by 2016.
Green groups to sue US government over atmospheric pollution
EU unveils plans to pay fishermen to catch plastic 
Budget cuts hit EIA's data collection efforts 
UN to forecast renewables boom through to 2050 
Intl Sustainable Development Research Conference in NYC
Investing in green energy? Visit BusinessGreen today.
Vote Yes, go green 
Buffett thumbs nose at greenhouse gas proposal 
Zipcar and Equity Residential ink deal to boost car share service
A few thoughts from Adolfo Hernandez, Pres EMEA, from the Durban Agenda session at Regional Governors Meeting - on Africa -
"Climate Change is not only tomorrow's problem: in 2010 alone 200 mn people affected - 80% affected had no safety net" Adolfo Hernandez 
"For some countries Climate Change is a matter of life and death..." Adolfo Hernandez 
"On the planet, 1 billion people not connected to power, most of them here in Africa. We build base stations using solar+wind energy" 
Creating a Business Case for a Sustainable Future 
Renewable energy targets must be maintained, says industry

Tesla exceeds expectations with first-quarter performance
Video conferencing industry to be worth £2.3bn by 2016
MIT Showcases New Way of Turning Sun's Heat into Electricity: MIT researchers and their collaborators have come... 
NREL Adds Giant Wind Turbine to Research Site: Blades longer than a basketball court... 
Wireless Power for Gadgets: It’s Coming 
An introduction to data center infrastructure management: This document look at important data center infrastructure...
Solar Fridges and Low-Sulfur Jet Fuels: Live From MIT’s Energy Prize: Forget the Oscars.  For student entrepreneurs... 
Trends: The New Geopolitics of Food - @ update written by Lester Brown 
SunRun Receives $200 Million Tax Equity Commitment From U.S. Bancorp:
Tecta Solar Installs PV System At GlaxoSmithKline Campus: Tecta Solar is a division of Tecta America Corp. 
Researchers propose "whole-system" res-design of US Agriculture
Colorado Legislature Cuts Permit Fees for Solar Installations: Costs to install solar technology are set to decline... 
China's Hebei Province Aims To Boost Renewable Energy Development-.

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