Monday, November 29, 2010

Some more recommendations for the Pay TV world

In continuation of the last posting the following are some observations that will be useful for Pay TV operators (especially MSO's).

  • Embrace IP and the vast potential it offers for revenue generation and better consumer targeting and control
  • Have CableLabs come up with specifications that address (moving beyond packet switching and interoperability testing & verification) simpler non-capital intensive technology upgrading paths (viz. software driven interactivity, program/channel distribution/switching and monetization)
  • Move to a "apps" driven  model for television (this will solve several problems/challenges - e.g. ability to move content to mobile platforms)
  • Change the concept of TV Everywhere to make it more attractive (both in terms of content and cost) to the consumer to adopt 
  • "Think beyond the box" for newer ideas for platforms of distribution of video content (including HD, 3D, etc.)
  • Show FCC and the legislators that the industry is capable of bringing cheaper newer technologies to the Pay TV model and encourage a la carte
If even two of the above are taken up for implementation, you can be sure that Pay TV will have a better chance for long-term survival.


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